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7 Success Factors for Online Learning - Interview of the German magazine ZEIT with digital expert Isa Jahnke

Professor and digital expert Isa Jahnke explained in her interview with ZEIT ONLINE how effective online learning should be implemented. We have taken a closer look at the digital researcher’s statements and we feel confirmed that we are an expert in digital learning with our business simulation MARGA and our online formats.

  • 1. Online learning is often asynchronous.

    The MARGA Online programs are very flexible and make asynchronous working possible. The basis of all time schedules are fixed deadlines for the individual decision periods. But in between, the participants can organize their working hours very flexible and adapt them to their own learning pace. Since the decisions and the coordination are always made in the team, there are always work steps that usually take place synchronously in a direct dialogue within the team and offer an important addition to the asynchronous work. The participation is possible from any place of work or residence and is compatible with everyday work and family life. More flexibility is not possible!

  • 2. When it comes to really deepening knowledge, active learning processes are required, not just passive listening.

    The business simulation activates the participants; they have to become active by themselves right from the start. The „Learning by Doing“-method enables the learners to apply their knowledge in specific decision-making situations. The repetitive application makes the practical transfer into the own working area much easier and thus leads to a lasting learning effect.

  • 3. In a user-friendly learning environment, all information, learning objectives, texts, tasks and evaluation categories can be found easily and quickly.

    The MARGA Online Software offers a complex but clear learning environment. The access to clearly defined task packages, analysis and controlling reports is simple and expedient. Important KPIs, deadlines and communication between the team members can be accessed centrally via the dashboard. The software is user-friendly and intuitive to use. The „MARGA Toolbox“ provides all participants with individual additional offers like tutorial notes, (recorded) webinars or individual online courses. These offers consider different learning types and convey information which enriches the business simulation.

  • 4. A reflection and project report are important for online learning.

    The virtual companies are in competition with each other, and their economic success is measured by key figures. The team with the highest company value wins the competition. An efficient controlling ensures transparency at all times and provides all information that the teams need for their operational decisions and for analysing the results. Individual feedback and debriefing session by MARGA tutors provide guidance and support in terms of analysis and reflection.

  • 5. The entire process is guided, which means, I hand out instructions on what to do and what the expectations are. It is not enough to say, there’s a project and we’ll meet again in three months.

    The MARGA Online Competition fulfils exactly these requirements. The time schedule not only contains clearly defined tasks and deadlines but also includes several live webinars in which the participants either get an introduction or feedbacks. These online sessions pick up the participants exactly where they are and make it easier to start or jump into the next round. At the end of the program an online final takes place including a detailed analysis of the competition and an official award ceremony. In this way the participants are closely and personally accompanied throughout the entire program. 

  • 6. The learners need to know that I am there for them as a lecturer; that I am “present” online even though I am physically far away.

    MARGA is characterized by a particularly individual tutoring. The tutors support all participants in an intensive and proactive manner during their self-directed online phases. All participants can discuss content-related questions with experienced and qualified experts by phone, email, or web conference. The tutoring is offered in an unlimited scope and is extensively and gladly used by most participants.

  • 7. It’s recommended to include an activity or an interaction every five to seven minutes, no long videos.

    Webinars – mostly weekly - are offered to illuminate the content of topics which the participants encounter in the business simulation. These are designed interactively and constantly involve the participants, e.g. through short surveys, task blocks or reflection rounds in small groups.

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