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Finance & Controlling

Understanding the basics of accounting with MARGA

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“Financial Basics” with MARGA

In our “Financial Basics” programs, we teach the basics of internal and external accounting. Participants learn to gain an overview and understanding of cash flows within the company.

The annual financial statements with balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement as well as cost accounting and cost management are placed in an overall context in a practical and clear manner.

Your options:

  • Board game seminar

    The seminar makes it easy to learn the basics of accounting. Participants see (and hear) vividly how their money increases or decreases on the board as a result of their own decisions.

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  • Two-day classical seminar

    In our classic “Financial Basics” seminar, we talk about the modern and classic methods used to manage companies. The focus here is on the instruments of accounting and controlling.

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  • MARGA Online Course
    as individual training

    Individual training with personal tutoring:
    The learning content is conveyed to the participant by means of a continuous case study. Between the explanatory components, the ‘Financial Basics’ online course includes active exercises with direct feedback to monitor learning success.

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  • MARGA Online Course
    as online program

    We offer the online course ‘Financial Basics’ alternatively as an online program with accompanying specialist webinars. In the live sessions, we pick up on the content of the course and expand on it.

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MARGA “Financial Basics” programs

The participants

  • get to know the balance sheet, the income statement and the cost of capital accounting and analyze their own annual financial statements.
  • derive important key figures and know their significance.
  • use information from cost accounting for their decisions.
  • know the significance of liquidity and profitability and know what influences them.
  • develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

Board Game Seminar

  • Combination of expert input and the active implementation of the newly acquired knowledge as a team
  • Learning in a playful manner

Classic two-day seminar

  • Classic in-class seminar mixed with practical examples and case studies
  • Intensive knowledge transfer

MARGA Online Course

  • Online training – independent of location and time
  • As idividual training with personal tutoring or four-week online program with accompanying webinars.

Young Professionals (e.g. career entrants, trainees, junior managers)

  • Deepen and apply business fundamentals
  • See and understand the big picture of cash flow within a company

Experts (e.g. project managers, specialists)

  • Deepen or refresh the basics of finance and accounting for up-coming projects
  • Identifyand use the drivers that positively influence the company value
  • Take an overall company perspective


High Potentials (e.g. talents)

  • (Fore-)see the financial consequences of business decisions
  • Align all decisions to financial target systems
  • Identify the drivers that positively influence the company value

What our customers say

MARGA has been an established partner for many customers since 1971. Our partners use MARGA successfully in various target groups across all industries.
Kunde des MARGA Planspiels

The MARGA board game was used as part of our first-time onboarding program for our new commercial trainees. The seminar conveyed the functionality of a company and especially the fundamentals of accounting in a comprehensive  and practical manner and thus made an important contribution to the new training program of our management trainees. The feedback from the participants concerning the onboarding program as well as the market-leading business simulation MARGA was thoroughly positive.

André M. Steeg Senior Executive Manager und Brand Ambassador, Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG
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With MARGA, we have found an on-the-job training that conveys economic and managerial coherences to our engineers in a particularly practical way. Our team is thrilled and I am convinced that I have chosen a sustainable training method.

Michaele Voigt Senior HR Manager, Lumileds Germany GmbH

Numbers are not abstract and boring – if exciting stories are at the bottom!

Besides our “Financial Basic” courses we offer the possibility to choose the focus “Finance & Controlling” in our business game. Participants of the MARGA Business Simulation manage a complex company with all its departments and functions within a team. Focussing on financial management, they regard all company areas from a financial perspective: marketing, production, human resources and, in particular, finance and controlling. They learn about current management tools and deepen underlying business coherences.

The teams get acquainted with a full internal and external accounting system of their company. Efficient controlling provides all the information that teams require to make well-founded operational decisions. Generate cash and secure liquidity, take into account exchange rate fluctuations and agree on payment terms. The teams adapt the company’s financing to its needs. The aim is the increase of the company value measured by the Economic Value Added, EVA.

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Your option: Finance as focus in the business game

The participants

  • take the view of the controller.
  • use information from controlling for well-founded decisions.
  • consider competitive strategies also from the financial perspective.
  • learn to read the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
  • optimize stocks in working capital management and reduce capital costs.
  • get to know the drivers which have a positive impact on the company value.
  • work with different performance indicators, such as EBITDA, EBIT, ROCE or WACC.

Realistic market environment
The business game uses real economic events, developments and trends and reflects the effects in the simulated company.

The identification with the own company and the direct competition between the teams arouses emotions and enthusiasm.

The ‘learning by doing’ method and the repeated application of what has been learned promote the practice transfer into their own work area and result in a sustainable learning effect.

The participants train their teamwork skills and make all decisions jointly. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process in the team is therefore a critical success factor.

Personal tutoring
MARGA is characterized by a particularly intensive tutoring. During the self-directed online phases, the tutors also support all participants in content, organizational and technical matters.

Experts (e.g. project managers, specialists)

  • Develop financial competencies
  • Recognice coherences in accounting and controlling
  • Understand performance measurement systems
  • Identify value drivers

High Potentials (e.g. talents)

  • Anticipate the financial consequences of entrepreneurial decisions
  • Align decisions to financial target systems
  • Get acquainted with and strengthen the drivers of the company value

Executives (e.g. managers, senior managers)

  • Synchronize entrepreneurial and financial decisions
  • Align the company to financial targets
  • Consequently strengthen the drivers for the company value

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