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MARGA Online
Competition 2019/2020

The winning team from Vinnolit reports about its experience

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Start in the competition

In September of last year, five employees from different departments and locations were selected to represent Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG in the MARGA Online Competition 2019/2020. Because of the spatial distance and COVID-19, our meetings were always held through video conferences.

After the first phase of getting to know each other, the initially heterogeneous team proved itself in the test round. Despite a good start, the opinions of finding a strategy and the willingness to take risks varied within the team. Regardless, a diplomatic middle ground could always be found.

Eine Teilnehmerin sitzt an ihrem Schreibtisch und arbeitet mit ihren Teamitgliedern online am Planspiel

Main round

In the course of the main round, we had turned into one entity and the increasing success brought us even closer together. A clear course of action emerged regarding strategy and decision making. We started speaking the same language. Instead of splitting the tasks between the teammates, we came to every decision together.

That way, every point of view was considered in the respective scenarios. The consistent chemistry of the team and the collectively developed strategy were lastly rewarded with the first place in the ranking after the main round.

Eine Teilnehmerin sitzt an ihrem Schreibtisch und arbeitet mit ihren Teamitgliedern online am Planspiel

Final round

The final round posed a real challenge for the team. Due to the great performance in the main round, we tried to continue our joint success story. Our team was quickly able to agree on a suitable strategy for the final, but the competitors ensured a very disputed global market. Period after period the decisions had to be weighed out carefully and the next steps of the competitors, as well as the development of the markets, had to be anticipated.

Long but productive discussions were the base of our weekly meetings. Because of the current situation of COVID-19, the timetable for the final round was expanded by an additional period and lengthened from six weeks to seven months.

Ein Teilnehmer sitzt an seinem Schreibtisch und arbeitet mit seinen Teamitgliedern online am Planspiel

The long period between handing in the scenarios made it hard to keep up the suspense and concentration. But we never lost sight of the end goal. Especially in the last period, the live final, the team was highly focused and willed to catch up to the leading team.

Every decision was examined down to the smallest detail. With success! In the end, we were able to prevail against the strong competition and win in the last round. Suspense to the last minute. The joy to reach the goal together was enormous.

Unfortunately, it still was not possible to meet up in person to celebrate our success in the MARGA Online Competition 2019/2020. We are going to catch up on that as soon as possible.


To conclude, it is to note that we were able to gather a lot of experience from the competition. The magnitude and consequences of corporate decisions, as well as the different requirements of the regional markets, definitely contributed positively to the development of every single team member.

Additionally, in the course of the competition, the relatively heterogeneous group transformed into a committed unity. Thus, we were able to evolve in the areas of soft skills and teamwork. We, the Vinnolit team, want to thank MARGA, the other teams, and our employer for this unique experience and the chance to participate in this competition.

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