Ein Teilnehmer am MARGA Planspiel analysiert den Marktforschungsbericht

Deutsche Telekom

“Führungskräfteentwicklungsprogramm” (FEP) and
International Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Ein Team sitzt gemeinsam an einem Tisch und arbeitet

MARGA as a
challenge during FEP and LDP of Telekom

The MARGA management game was a central component of the German-language Leadership Development Program (FEP) and the international Leadership Development Program (LDP). The participants in both programs had barely been nominated when they were appointed to the board of an international company.

Almost half of the participants were able to take advantage of this limited opportunity and voluntarily took on the challenge of successfully leading a global player in competition with other teams as part of a board team of up to six people.

Das Gewinnerteam des MARGA Planspiels freut sich über seine Awards.

Experiencing corporate management LIVE

The participants dealt with all key decisions along the corporate value chain in the areas of marketing, production, human resources, finance and controlling.

The decisions, market results and financial successes built on each other period by period, so that strategies had to be implemented on the market and within the company in the long term. The dynamic market environment was based on current economic developments.

Knowledge is important ‐ but only
experience leads to success

The repeated application of various management tools in entrepreneurial decision-making situations over a period of six months provided a lasting learning experience. At the beginning, the Management Board members not only got to know their team members but also their new role at the kick-off event organized by FEP in Bonn and LDP in Berlin. The members of the individual Management Board teams were “recruited” from different areas, disciplines and locations.

In the LDP, the teams were also international. Both the strengthening of team competence and the expansion of networking were key success factors. The “induction” took place during two test periods and then it got “serious”! After two qualification rounds with different starting situations, new competitors and increasingly challenging scenarios, the four best teams from the FEP and LDP qualified for the final.

This is what participants and organizers of the program say

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MARGA was a great opportunity to be entrepreneurial and to see the big picture. Especially for our team, with a more technical background, it was a challenge at the beginning, but then period by period a fascinating learning experience to pursue a common goal and in the end crowned with success – in the spirit of ‘One Company’!

Thomas Roth Quality Management & Common Processes, FEP
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Overall MARGA experience was a nice mixture of “non‐stop” challenges, international team work and valuable learnings from close to “real life” business simulations. It was a great pleasure to work in a real international team not only because of different nationalities (Poland, The Netherlands, Romania and Russia) but also because of huge international working experience of each of us. We made it to the final because of the team spirit!

Darja Dodonova Financial Controlling Europe, LDP
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We would like to thank all participants for their commitment over the past few months, which made this exciting competition for market share and increased company values a reality. Whether finalists or not – the MARGA motto ‘Learn to win’ applies to all participants, as management skills as well as teamwork and our network at Deutsche Telekom have been strengthened. The decision to integrate MARGA into the FEP and LDP programs was crowned with success from HRD’s point of view!

Branislav Hosek HRD, FEP/LDP Organisations team
Das Gewinnerteam des MARGA Planspiels freut sich über seine Awards.

The highlight of the simulation game was the grand live final of the best teams from FEP and LDP. The participants traveled from all over Europe. Over the course of two days, several business periods were simulated in which the proven MARGA experts were confronted with new and exciting challenges.

The final official act of the MARGA board members was the presentation of the strategy and business figures at the MARGA Annual General Meeting. At the subsequent award ceremony, the finalists were honored and the successes were celebrated together.

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