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For universities

Conveying business administration in a practical way

The general management business game for universities and business schools

Our general management business game conveys business contexts and brings management to life. It is therefore ideal for students on their first degree in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs with a focus on business and management. Participants compete against each other as a team in a dynamic and realistic business game. They manage their own virtual company and make decisions in various areas.

A comprehensive controlling system with reports from internal and external accounting is available to them. Participants develop a deep understanding of operational processes and learn to think and act like entrepreneurs. The aim is to increase the value of the company in terms of economic value added. The team with the highest company value wins the business game competition.

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Full communication through MARGA: From the very beginning, MARGA takes over communication with both the participants and the respective chair.

Personal tutoring: MARGA is characterized by particularly intensive tutoring. Even during the self-directed online phases, we support all participants with all content-related, organizational and technical questions.

Realistic market environment: The current political and economic developments constitute a realistic and dynamic business environment, continually presenting teams with new challenges.

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Competition: Identification with the own company and direct competition between the teams generate emotions and increase motivation to learn.

Final examination: The learning content can be tested in a final oral or written examination. We provide you with possible questions and answers.

Sustainability: Learning by doing, along with the repeated application of acquired knowledge, fosters the transfer of knowledge into practical situations and results in a lasting learning impact.

Teamwork: Participants train their teamwork skills by making all decisions together. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process within the team thus becomes a critical success factor.

What our customers say

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What I particularly appreciate about ‘MARGA for Students’ is the comprehensive service. I divided my students into teams and registered them for the competition. From then on, MARGA did the technical set-up and handled communication with the participants. At the submission deadlines, I was always informed about the current content focus and the ranking of my teams. My students received exemplary support from MARGA and learned a lot from a different event format and the broader perspective outside the university.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Zimmermann Dean of the Department of Economics University of Bremen
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What we enjoyed most about MARGA was the unique opportunity to put our knowledge about management to the test without taking real risks. To understand the impact of decisions on different figures and economic interrelations was the foundation to react flexible and preciously on changing market conditions.

Nils Kohrn Participant, Westfälische Wilhelms-University of Münster
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MARGA has enabled us to develop a well-rounded understanding of the synergetic links between business operations within a company. What we liked most was the opportunity to simulate the company‘s decision-making process without taking the real-life risks.

Participants RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Latvia

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Learning contents

From targets via corporate strategy to sustainable returns: Students manage the whole corporate process. Thus, MARGA offers a unique knowledge transfer to entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

  • Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
  • Competitive strategies: Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus (Niche)
  • Portfolio Management: Cash cows, Dogs, Question marks, Stars
  • Production planning and  capacity management
  • Investment planning
  • HR management
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Make-or-buy decision
  • Internal and external financing, equity and debt financing
  • Management of receiveables and accounts payable
  • Value-based Management
  • Financial reports: Balance sheet, Income statement, Cashflow statement, Segment reporting
  • Cost accounting: Full costing, Direct costing
  • KPIs – Profitability, Liquidity, Financing, Asset structure
  • Foreign currency/Hedging
  • Organization and interaction in a team
  • Team skills
  • Self-organization
  • Communication
  • Virtual teamwork
  • Project management

Your options

  • MARGA for Students
    Open competition for teams

    Open online business game competition for students who compete in teams against teams from other universities. The team with the highest company value wins the competition.

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  • Inhouse business game program for

    For students, we offer business game competitions in the form of online training, two- to three-day in-class seminars and blended learning programs with online and face-to-face modules.

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