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In the MARGA business game, participants manage their own virtual company as a team. Under realistic conditions, they make their own management decisions in all functional areas of the simulation company: marketing, production, human resources and finance. A comprehensive controlling tool supports the teams in making well-founded decisions and shows the drivers that influence the value of the company. The participating teams compete against each other in a dynamic business game competition. This ensures excitement and enthusiasm!

The business game is used by national and international companies as part of talent management and change management programs. Our business simulations are generally suitable for employees from all disciplines, with or without prior business knowledge: From young professionals to experts and high potentials to senior executives. Based on our wealth of experience, we can recommend which formats and topics are particularly suitable for certain target groups.

Benefits with MARGA

  • Learning by Doing

    The independent development, application and repetition of content ensures that participants actively engage with the learning content and internalize what they have learned.

  • Game-based Learning

    Participants in the MARGA business game learn interactively and in a motivated competitive manner. The playful format ensures that content is taught in a practical, effective and fun way.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Participants learn to think and act in an entrepreneurial and holistic way. Business contexts and the consequences of decisions within the company become tangible.

  • Tutoring as success factor

    Participants receive qualified tutoring. Our MARGA experts provide support at all times during the self-directed phases with content-related and organizational questions.

  • High Flexibility

    We offer our programs bilingually in English and German and in online, in-class and blended learning formats. You can also choose between our open programs or tailor-made in-house programs.

  • Strong partners

    With ESMT Berlin and Handelsblatt Media Group, we have two strong partners at our side who stand for scientific content and economic topicality. This is also reflected in the business game.

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Gruppe von Leuten sitzt am Tisch und diskutiert
Das Gewinnerteam des MARGA Online Planspiel-Wettbewerbs

Young Professionals

Young career starters and trainees have a well-founded education and start their careers full of enthusiasm. Taking part in a business simulation builds a bridge between the theoretical knowledge acquired and its implementation in professional life.

In the MARGA business simulation, participants learn corporate management “live”: they deepen their management knowledge and experience the consequences of their business decisions in a realistic environment. In this way, the young talents are able to enter professional life directly.

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A woman with her arms crossed talking about her experiences with the MARGA Online Competition

Our program recommendation for young professionals: MARGA Online Competition

  • Participants get to know different areas of the company and how they interact
  • With the aim of increasing the value of the company, participants develop their own initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • MARGA is teamwork and thus promotes the development of a network
  • All participants receive needs-based support from the MARGA toolbox, such as personal tutoring

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Experts are specialists in their field, but at the same time they are also part of a company that forms a complex organization consisting of different areas. Specialists perform important tasks within this organization. However, there is a danger that they focus on their specific area and lose sight of the big picture, of the close integration of all areas and functions of the company.

With the help of a practice-oriented and realistic business game, MARGA not only teaches specialists the overall entrepreneurial view, but also clarifies their individual position in the overall organization.

A general management business game is particularly suitable as further training for specialists and project managers, as participation is possible while working and the learning process is very practice-oriented.

Offer your specialists and project managers the opportunity to broaden their view of other areas of the company!

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What our customers say

Logo von Lumileds

With MARGA, we have found an on-the-job training that conveys economic and managerial coherences to our engineers in a particularly practical way. Our team is thrilled and I am convinced that I have chosen a sustainable training method.

Michaele Voigt Senior HR Manager, Lumileds Germany GmbH
Ein Mann und eine Frau lachen in die Kamera

High Potentials

High potentials are well-trained and experienced employees who are preparing for management positions. The MARGA business games support this development to the next career step.

The business simulation prepares high potentials to take responsibility for their decisions and for the company. They weigh up the opportunities and risks, discuss the pros and cons in their team, make their decisions and ultimately bear all the consequences. This holds great potential for discussion and requires an efficient division of labor. In addition to management skills, leadership skills are also essential.

Offer your high potentials the opportunity to experience entrepreneurial thinking and acting! In the MARGA business game, participants learn to make well-founded decisions and to take responsibility for them.

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What our customers say

Logo der Telekom

Whether finalists or not – the MARGA motto ‘Learn to win!’ applies to all participants, as management skills as well as teamwork and our network at Deutsche Telekom were strengthened.

Branislav Hosek HRD FEP/LDP Organisation team Deutsche Telekom AG
Ein Mann zeigt auf etwas

Senior Executives

Certain requirements for managers are derived from their overall corporate responsibility. In addition to professional and social skills, the focus is particularly on strategic orientation and financial targets.
In the business game, managers experience corporate management in fast motion. They make concrete business decisions and experience their long-term consequences directly.

We recommend our classic General Management business game to people who make decisions as managers in the company’s value creation process. The focus here is on competitive strategies and their implementation: positioning products in the competitive market and deriving and implementing continuous change processes in all areas of the company.

Our “Strategic Management” business simulation is particularly suitable for managers from the areas of controlling, strategic management or directly from the executive board. Here, the participating managers take on the overall corporate perspective at group level

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What our customers say

Logo von GuS

The business simulation MARGA Strategy has been a unique opportunity for me, as a new managing director with a technical background, to learn the coherences of strategic decisions and economic key figures in a practical way. The fact that our team has won gave me additional self-confidence.

Dr. Tanja Lindermeier-Kuhnke Managing Director GuS Glass + Safety

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