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Global Executive and Expert Development Program ´Leading with Influence´

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The Champions League Of Corporate Management

Nokia is one of the world’s leading network equipment suppliers for the telecommunications industry. In recent years, the company has consistently focused on profitable business areas and has thus been able to sustainably improve its operating result in a very difficult market environment. Now that the Nokia Group has sold its cell phone business (devices and services business), the network division is the core business of the listed technology group.

And it is a challenging business. The world of global telecommunications is changing very quickly and the life cycle of new technologies is extremely short. At the same time, the price pressure from telecommunications companies, which themselves are in fierce competition worldwide, is very high. Nokia’s experts and managers are therefore under great pressure to innovate. The strong competition therefore requires constant product development and proactive sales, as well as stringent cost management and controlling.

Auf einer Weltkarte werden die Standorte markiert, an denen die Teilnehmenden arbeiten.

In response to these challenges, Nokia is implementing the “Leading with Influence” development program for its “Experts” worldwide. The name says it all: equipping employees around the world with the knowledge they need to successfully lead their respective areas of responsibility and thus add value to the company.

MARGA is an integral part of the program and trains participants’ ability to align their behavior and management decisions with Nokia’s return targets, to understand the company’s strategic measures and to implement the necessary changes in their area of work.

Topics and targets of the program

  • Aligning the technologically oriented company with business management
  • Understanding internal financial communication
  • Controlling competence must keep pace with rapid market developments
  • Recognize and apply the opportunities of financial and strategic management
  • Drive the change
  • Corporate management under market pressure

The starting point in terms of content is detailed internal performance communication by top management. The MARGA program management team has developed the simulation scenario on this basis together with Nokia and has continuously adapted it closely to the requirements of the program target group.

Participants should experience the pressure the company is under, they should understand the indications from top management and the capital markets and be able to interpret them for their working environment. And they should recognize their opportunities to drive forward necessary changes and thus secure the profitability necessary for the company’s existence

What the
responsibles say

Das Logo von Nokia

Our people need a clear understanding of their impact on Nokia´s profitability and long-term growth

Francisco Menezes Head of Talent & Leadership Development Program
Das Logo von Nokia

Our experts are the basis of our economic success. Only if they understand how corporate management works will we be able to survive in our competitive environment and continue on the path of profitable corporate management for our stakeholders in the long term.

Francisco Menezes Initiator and Sponsor of the ´Leading with Influence´- Program
Logo MARGA Business Simulations

It is amazing to see the participants´ increase in financial and strategic competence.

Andreas Nill LwI-Program Director and Managing Director, MARGA Business Simulations
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MARGA is launching the ‘Leading with Influence’ program with a two-day classroom seminar that will take place in selected local Nokia offices – from Beijing and Bangalore to Oulu and Munich to Irving and Buonos Aires. The seminar participants lead a diversified company as a management team in direct competition with their seminar colleagues. Enriched with discussion presentations on the current Nokia performance figures from the annual financial statements and the CEO’s latest announcements, their significance for the capital markets and the possibilities of financial management.

The MARGA business game module is linked to two further seminar days on the subject of leadership and team management, which are held by Ken Blanchard, an US training institute. The experiences made at MARGA with sometimes difficult team processes and challenges in decision-making are theoretically processed here and transferred into practical leadership knowledge.

Die MARGA Awards stehen aufgereiht auf einem Tisch

After the classroom training, the Executive Board teams have the opportunity to continue the MARGA company online and thus apply the knowledge they have acquired on corporate management with the aim of further increasing the company’s value. At the end of the MARGA program, the seminar group meets in a virtual classroom meeting four weeks after the face-to-face training. Participants share their practical experience of the management knowledge they have acquired. At the end of the seminar, an award is presented to the management team that has achieved the highest company value, the MARGA Value Added, through its entrepreneurial decisions: the MARGA Champion of the seminar.

Nokia organizes the Champions League, the World Cup of Winners, for all MARGA Champions of the year. The fun of corporate management and the high level of commitment of the participants can thus be used for an even more sustainable learning experience. This means that after all MARGA seminars during the year, one of the participating teams had the most successful corporate strategy. And this team was crowned MARGA World Champion.

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