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Ein Schild informiert über Glasfaserbauarbeiten der Deutschen Telekom

From copper cable to fiber optics: actively shaping Change

The expansion of Germany with a nationwide fibre optic network is one of the key elements of digitization and thus for the competitiveness of entire sectors of the economy.

Deutsche Telekom is playing a leading role in this expansion. The strategic and operational challenge for Deutsche Telekom is the simultaneous operation of copper and fiber optic networks.

The new, more efficient fiber optic cable is currently finding its way into more and more German households and companies and the old copper is gradually being reduced and replaced. For this to succeed, it is important that employees understand this change process and its effects and view it from an overall corporate perspective.

To achieve precisely this, Deutsche Telekom has developed a two-day simulation program with MARGA. The special feature: The program took place in parallel at three different locations with three groups and three trainers. A total of around 50 managers from Deutsche Telekom Außendienst GmbH took part.

Ein Glasfaserkabel wird verlegt

Divided into small teams, the participants had to manage the change process in their own simulated company and increase their own company value at the same time. As teams, they were in direct competition with each other.

They had to recognize customer needs as well as dynamic market developments and target their own resources accordingly. They made decisions in areas such as marketing, finance, production and human resources. The aim was to view the company as a whole.

In short: within the business simulation, the transition from copper cable to fiber optics was mapped realistically and over the entire life cycle, including cost considerations.

Das Gewinnerteam des MARGA Planspiels erhält die MARGA Awards

In the business game, the teams were able to experience first-hand what this means in the context of the company as a whole. They had to operationally adapt all company functions to the changed company situation. They were supported by the respective trainer, who provided advice during the self-directed teamwork, but also gave additional support through feedback rounds and specialist keynote speeches after each round of the game.

In addition to the learning effect, all participants had a lot of fun during the two-day seminar! The program was rounded off with a final transfer and the award ceremony.

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