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MARGA as part of the Certificate of Advanced Studies „Finance and Controlling”

Finance for Non-Financials

Today, cross-interface work is becoming increasingly important in companies, which is why it is essential for employees and especially executives to develop a fundamental understanding of overall company processes. Finance is highly relevant in this context, as it is involved in all processes and is a key driver of the company’s development. It is particularly useful for employees with cost or profit responsibility to build up a sound knowledge of finance and controlling topics.

Even non-financials should therefore familiarize themselves with the financial contexts of their area of responsibility. For this reason, the University of St. Gallen developed the five-month CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) “Finance and Controlling”, that conveys topics of the financial corporate management in a practice-oriented manner and for non-financials.

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MARGA as part of the program

Besides the theoretical modules such as financial accounting and financial analysis, the MARGA Business Simulation, which takes place over the entire duration of the certificate, combines strategic and financial analyses and decisions and thus makes the financial corporate management tangible. In this way, the contents can be conveyed as realistically as possible.

The participants learn to apply finance and business management lessons from the four classroom modules in a concrete and practical way and develop a strong understanding of how finance impacts all areas. MARGA runs as a common thread throughout the course, making finance and controlling topics more tangible, especially for non-financials.

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The program shows how efficient the combination of teaching theoretical knowledge and its practical application within the business simulation is. After the successful completion, the participants have acquired a basic understanding of financial and economic accounting, they know the most important instruments of financial management and can apply them in their everyday work life.

They have an overview over the planning, reporting and cost management and will be able to evaluate a company based on the most important key metrics. In addition, they review their financial management system and develop approaches to increase agility and strategy implementation. Through the CAS, participants thus acquire first-class practical know-how in the area of finance and controlling and gain valuable impulses for management responsibility in financial areas.

We are pleased that, together with the University of St.Gallen, which enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the leading business schools in Europe, we have been able to offer a joint program with great added value for managers for several years now.

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