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Business Transformation

Change before you have to

Business Transformation (Focus: Product)

With MARGA, a business transformation in the areas of sales and product innovation is modeled in different scenarios. These change processes can open up new business opportunities in the simulation as well as in reality. Participants encounter changes in digitalization and social trends. They have to develop, optimize and implement innovative strategies. MARGA provides all the necessary tools for the transformation of the virtual company to ensure the greatest possible learning effect.

Our business games for change management focus on  the target group “experts”, e.g. project managers and specialists from middle management, as strategic directional decisions must be actively taken up and implemented operationally. Middle management must represent these decisions internally and externally. The prerequisite for this is an understanding of the situation at the level of the company as a whole.

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Well-established business models are nowadays underlying fundamental and quick changes. New markets come from close to scratch, and in turn entire business lines vanish due to mega trends such as i.e. digitalization.

The ‘Business Transformation’ simulation picks up such disruptive changes and  makes them tangible from an entrepreneurial point of view in matters of a company as a whole. It  catapults the participants into a situation in which they are urged to make decisions caused by the  pressure of change. A decline in sales and prots comes in line with an increased capital demand for future investments. The active implementation of this business transformation within the simulation, enhances an overall comprehension and ensures a sustainable knowledge of the change process.

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