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Volkswagen Global Audit Conference’ in Prague

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Volkswagen Global Audit Conference

For the Global Audit Conference 2018 in Prague, Volkswagen authorized MARGA Business Simulation to run a half-day face-to-face corporate event.

The target group of the business simulation were 80 international auditors. The aim was to confront the participants with an entrepreneurial challenge and to intensify their network.

Ein Teilnehmer am MARGA Planspiel analysiert den Marktforschungsbericht

The event began with a brief welcome and introduction to business game. The participants were then given the task of successfully leading a virtual company in a team through dynamic competition and increasing the company’s value.

To do this, they developed strategies to position their products on various markets and translated these into operational decisions in the areas of marketing, production, human resources and finance. Experienced MARGA trainers provided support and advice during the simulation periods.

Learning targets

The event ended with a final and award ceremony. All in all, the MARGA business simulation successfully made a contribution to


  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting:

    Participants have learned to think in a more customer-oriented way, to make decisions within a management team, to reflect on these decisions and to identify the consequences and interrelationships of decisions and strategies.

  • Profit-oriented

    The participants have information from
    cost accounting and financial accounting
    to make their decisions in a highly competitive
    competitive environment.

  • Sustainable

    The dynamic and intense competition
    ensures a unique transfer of knowledge. Participants experience complex and abstract management topics in a tangible way.

  • Networking and

    The competition has awakened emotions and ambition. awakened. The teams pursued goals together and shared successes and failures.

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