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MARGA for Students 

Online business game competition for students in summer semester 2021

Drei Personen sitzen an einem Tisch und arbeiten gemeinsam am Laptop

The Ge­ne­ral Ma­nage­ment business game for universities

In the summer semester 2021, numerous teams from international business schools, colleges and universities competed once again against each other in the “ MARGA Online Competition for Students”.  Over a period of 8 weeks, the 130 participants managed their own virtual company, developed strategies and implemented these operationally with the goal to create the highest company value.


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Within 7 decision-making periods the participants of MARGA for Students develop, produce, position and sell own products on the market. At the end, the team with the highest company value wins the competition.

In the final event the winners of the summer edition of MARGA for Students 2021 have been determined. After an exciting neck-and-neck race the team of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences prevailed against its strong competitors.

The students control the entire entrepreneurial process themselves, from the objective to developing a corporate strategy all the way to achieving sustainable success. Live webinars like “Implement strategies“and “Use cost accounting“ and the Online Course “ Financial Basics “ create an important theoretical basis and refer to the content of the business  simulation. The gained knowledge can be transferred directly to the competition and supports the decision-making process within the business simulation. Furthermore, the MARGA Team supports via phone or email in case of any questions regarding content or organization.

By closely linking well-founded management knowledge with practical implementation in the business game, teamwork and individual support, MARGA creates a sustainable learning environment and a very special learning experience with fun factor. Since MARGA for Students is carried out online and is offered in German as well as in English the participation can take place from anywhere and across countries. This gives the competition a strong international character and makes it much more exciting with its around 130 participants this year, who are enrolled in different economic and business-related courses, from universities all over the world.

Das finale Ranking von MARGA for Students mit den TOP 3

Final Ranking

After an exciting and eventful competition the winner team of the summer semester 2021 has been announced today in the grand final event! Congratulations to team 20 from RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, that was able to prevail against its competitors by a solid margin of 340 mio. €, followed by team 23 from WWU Münster, which played an amazing last period and managed the leap onto the winners’ podium, and team 18 from Technion, that was able to defend rank 3.

Let’s not forget about all the other teams as well: It was a narrow race at a very high level! It was great having you all joining us for this semester’s competition. Congrats on your strong performance and thank you so much for your engagement.

What the
participants say

Das Logo von Riseba

MARGA enabled us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the overall business context. What we liked best was the opportunity to simulate the company’s decision-making process without having to take any real risks.

Team RISEBA University of Applied Sciences,
Logo der WWU Münster

MARGA gave us the unique opportunity to put our management knowledge to the test without taking any real risks. Understanding the influence of decisions on various key figures and economic relationships was the basis for reacting to changing market conditions. This knowledge is a great asset for our further studies.

Team Westfälische Wilhelms-University of Muenster
Das Logo von FGV

Through MARGA, we learned a lot about the internal side of the company. We learned how to interpret financial statements and how and when to develop strategies based on the market.


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