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MARGA Online Competition 2022/2023

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The winning team of SCHOTT reports

Taking part in the MARGA simulation was a unique experience that not only tested our entrepreneurial spirit, but also brought out the best in our international team.

At the beginning, we were faced with the challenging task of organizing our team. Not only did we work in different locations around the world, but also in different time zones.

As the team members come from different areas of expertise, ranging from controlling to engineering and management, we not only had the opportunity to learn from each other, but also realized how important it is to find common ground.

We were therefore required to work as a team in such a way that we could use our individual strengths effectively. Nevertheless, there sometimes were discussions within the team in which we had to defend our points of view and analyze the possible consequences of each strategic move.

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Effective teamwork

One of the most impressive moments was to see how an amazing synergy developed within our team. Despite our differences, we developed a deep bond and a shared commitment to our goal of winning the final.

Our ability to adapt to new circumstances and change our strategies quickly was crucial to our victory. Because we could easily get lost in discussions about details, we managed to keep our game plan on track and make difficult decisions, which benefited us in the long run.

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To summarize, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to train our strategic thinking in a risk-free environment.

At MARGA, you have the opportunity to put all your eggs in one basket and see the company either go bankrupt or outperform the competition. We opted for the latter.

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