Benefit from a dynamic business game format: Blended Learning is a combination of compact seminar and online competition.

MARGA Management Training: blended learning business game

The MARGA Management Training with the mix of diverse methods and media

We offer the "MARGA Management Training" as an open game-based blended learning seminar, in which participants train entrepreneurial acting and thinking over a period of six weeks. The program uses the dynamism of the management simulation and combines the advantages of an in-class seminar with the strengths of an online competition.

Its key advantages can be found in its combination of diverse learning formats and media. In both one-day in-class modules, current management knowledge is dealt with and developed within the context of personal dialogue. The participants consolidate these interrelationships in an exciting management competition and apply them in specific management decision-making situations - interlocked in terms of their content through the Online Course "Financial Basics", webinars, individual online debriefing sessions as well as tutorials.

Next date:

January 25 - March 07, 2024

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Learning by Doing

Divided into small teams, the participants take over the management of a virtual global player. They are responsible for strategic planning and all operational areas of the company (marketing, sales, production, human resources, logistics, finance etc.). The participans make decisions in a team, analyze results and compete directly against other teams. 

Taking into account current political and economic factors they develop a competitive strategy. They then implement it in operational decisions in their virtual company. The ultimate goal is to increase the value of the company. 

Active support of the teams

The MARGA management team actively supports the teams via web-conference, e-mail and telephone during the self-directed learning phase. This phase extends over a two months 'on-the-job' period and through the continual application of the management instruments, creates incomparably sustainable learning success.


Dr. Sandra Wagner

Dr. Sandra Wagner

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The program at a glance

Target group: especially executives and high potentials, who want to deepen their management knowledge and implement controlling instruments 

Format: combination of in-class seminar and online business game competition 

Lanuage: German & English  

Next date: January 25 - March 7, 2024

Effort: six weeks including two in-class days and online-phase with approx. two working hours per week each

Price: 2.920  € per person; every fifth person of one company participates free of charge

Learning targets: training of management know-how, business administration skills, business decision-making skills & teamwork

Tutoring: content-related tutoring and subject-related webinars or lectures by experienced experts with a bachground in business studies

Online Course „Financial Basics“: included in the program as a theoretical foundation for internal and external accounting

MARGA - the market game

MARGA - the market game

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The program ist a web-based online busines game competition combined with two in-class modules: 

Online Warm-Up

Introduction to the training and to the Online Course „Financial Basics“

First in-class module: basic training of business management

The first in-class module is a kick-off.

Online Competition: implement learning contents

This is followed by an online simulation phase of about six weeks, which is divided into two simulation periods. The participation is independent of location and supported by the web-based MARGA Software as well as web conferences.

Second in-class module: Consolidating and Understanding

The last period of the business game take place live during the second in-class module. At the end the winning team will be chosen. A transfer workshop closes the program.

MARGA offers the rare possibility to learn from expensive mistakes at a convenient price.

Axel Delker, REWE Zentral AG

MARGA Management Training - Further formats

We offer the MARGA Management Training in different formats. In additon to the blended learning business game you can choose the following programs:

Benefits of MARGA

  • Distance learning expert since 1971
  • Complex business simulation which is close to reality
  • Intensive and personal tutoring
  • Economic currentness through the cooperation with the publishing group "Handeslblatt"
  • Business School niveau through the cooperation with ESMT Berlin
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