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Business simulation:
Steering companies through the crisis

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MARGA business game:

Experience how a company works in a crisis and test specific turnaround measures

The coronavirus crisis and the effects of the war in Ukraine have shown how easily companies can slip into crisis. The current economic situation is becoming a challenge for many companies. Successful crisis management is key. For this to succeed, you need your employees to understand how a company works in a crisis. MARGA makes exactly that possible. In the protected area of the MARGA business simulation, participants experience the effects of economic crises on a company, accompanied by competent MARGA coaches.

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How do companies function in crisis?

Logistics chains are disrupted, prices for raw materials and intermediate products are rising rapidly; rising interest rates are making the company’s financing more expensive. The company’s own costs are soaring and actually require a price adjustment. At the same time, the purchasing power of customers is falling due to galloping inflation, depriving them of the opportunity to pay rising prices. Liquidity is scarce and losses are imminent. A domino effect that threatens the existence of the company. What decisions can be made in this situation to ensure liquidity and avoid over-indebtedness?

What options are there to counter the crisis? When is a company’s existence at risk? What reserves are there and when should they be mobilized? What role does cash management play? How long can we afford this? Crisis management is required. In short: How do companies function in times of crisis? In the MARGA simulation game, we can simulate a company in crisis. Participants experience the complex interrelationships and the influence of the crisis on financial parameters and key figures.

Up close and personal using their own virtual company! They are challenged to test specific turnaround measures and successfully manage the crisis. In the protected area of the MARGA simulation, they will experience the effects of economic crises on a company, accompanied by competent MARGA trainers. Would you like to send your employees on such a MARGA program? We will show you three options below.

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MARGA Management Training

The MARGA Management Training is one of our open programs for which you can register single persons or teams. What makes it special: We offer the program as an online, blended learning and face-to-face solution on various dates.

Participants train extensive management know-how and learn to think and act like entrepreneurs. We integrate real economic events and developments into the business game. Current problems such as rising raw material prices, inflation, bad debts, delivery problems and falling sales are also reflected in the business game and are translated into a crisis scenario.

Alternating with the active business game periods, specialist lectures on business management topics are held in face-to-face format. In the online formats, learning videos are available for which open questions can be clarified in live Q&A sessions. In between, participants work together flexibly in (virtual) teams.

More about the program

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MARGA Online

In the MARGA Online Competition, teams from companies around the world compete against each other over a period of six months with the aim of leading their own virtual company to success. The program is suitable for young professionals and can convey the impact of crises and current economic events on a company in a tangible way, especially for career starters.

By spreading the game periods over several months, participants have sufficient time between the individual periods to make their decisions. With a time commitment of approx. 2 hours per week, the program can be perfectly integrated into everyday working life and a trainee program.

More about the program

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Tailor-made inhouse program

In addition to our open programs, we also offer customized inhouse programs. In a joint dialog, we develop a concept that draws on proven program processes and can also be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

An inhouse program offers you the opportunity to address company-specific challenges and crises in the industry and to set priorities in terms of content. To do this, we take learning content from the business simulation and create a concrete link to the respective client company.

More about the program

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