The winners of the MARGA Online Competition 2022/2023 have been determined!

After an exciting and eventful two-day live final, the winning team of this year's MARGA online business game competition has been announced!

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The MARGA Awards are lined up on a table

SCHOTT wins the MARGA Online Competition 2022/2023

On May 24 and 25 , it was time again: The best four teams of the MARGA Online Competition met directly for the first time in the big online final. In an exciting competition, Team 21 from SCHOTT was able to prevail over the strong competition and thus secure the first place in the MARGA Online Competition 2022/2023. We congratulate the team on its strong performance!

Only the best four from a total of 31 teams from different national and international companies had already qualified for the final round in April:

Team 10: OBI

Team 11: OBI

Team 16: Westlake Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

Team 21: SCHOTT AG

In the final round, the four finalist teams faced a new, challenging starting situation. Now they had to give everything again for the five following game periods.

  • Who can use the management know-how they have learned most effectively?
  • Which team will work together most efficiently?
  • Who can develop the most successful strategy?
Graphik zeigt den Endstand des MARGA Online Planspiel-Wettbewerbs

The first four game periods took place as usual – but in a much tighter time frame than in the main round. On May 24, the teams met virtually for the first time in the final event. After each team presented its company and team members, the decisive period started. The participants had 90 minutes to play their final period and make their final decisions. All teams gave their all once again and all delivered a strong performance.

At the ceremonial end of the competition on May 25, all MARGA employees and the four finalist teams were joined by representatives of the partner companies ESMT Berlin and Handelsblatt Media Group, as well as guests of honor from the respective companies, to support their teams.

Finally, Team 21 from SCHOTT prevailed over its strong competition with a lead of 105 million euros and positioned itself on the top step of the podium.

At the end, there was a joint toast and the victory was celebrated. Because after all, MARGA is a very special learning experience that makes all participants winners.

The final ranking

SCHOTT  (Team 21)                       415 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

OBI (Team 10)                                310 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

Westlake Vinnolit (Team 16)         270 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

OBI (Team 11)                                 77 Mio. € MARGA Value Added

MAR­GA On­line Competition

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