Change Management
Making changes transparent

Within Change Management, we use business simulations to make participants control their own change processes. Within a team they manage their own virtual company and compete with other teams. They undergo pressure to change and the difficulties that can arise during the operational implementation.

At MARGA, the participants are captured by the dynamics of the competition and they gain knowledge in a hands-on learning-by-doing manner. Above all, there is a huge learning effect since business simulations always represent an entrepreneurial challenge.

What is MARGA´s part?

When the necessity of change becomes predominant, companies are urged to develop new visions and strategies.

Phase 2: communication and involvement
The business simulation MARGA creates pressure and mirrors the challenges of a change process one-to-one.  It illustrates business processes and involves the employees directly. All participants pick up the task to change their own virtual company and to develop their own strategies. In the simulation, they experience the complexity of adapting all company functions and divisions to the new business situation. Thus, they are directly involved in the change process.

This makes MARGA a perfect preparation whilst taking them on the journey for the final phase of implementation and establishment. 

Phases of the change management process: What is MARGA´s part?

Which simulation scenario fits best?

Choose between our standard simulation scenarios "Business Transformation" with focus on product innovation or sales and "Strategy Execution".

Or choose a customized simulation with your individual factors of influence.

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Business Transformation with Focus on Products

Well-established business models are nowadays underlying fundamental and quick changes. New markets come from close to scratch, and in turn entire business lines vanish due to mega trends such as i.e. digitalization.

Strategy Execution

Rapid technological progress and continuously changing market conditions, force the management to take extensive strategic decisions. This comes along with massive changes within the actual organisation and an effect on all its divisions and functions.

Customized simulations

If the focus is on Change Management, we have the possibility to integrate many different influencing factors of change processes into the simulation.

With the business simulation MARGA we strengthen the entrepreneurial personal responsibility of our managers and high potentials. At the same time the simulation enhances the comprehension on the necessity and complexity of change processes concerning our business as an automotive supplier.

Lisa Kortenbruck, Operations Academy Adient Ltd. & Co. KG

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