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Talent Management

Today’s talent, tomorrow’s success

Systematic Human Resource
Development with MARGA

Talent management means systematically identifying and promoting talent. Talents are the decision-makers of tomorrow. The expertise of high-performing employees ensures the future success of the company. Constantly developing employees, promoting them, offering them prospects and retaining them in the company – these are key tasks in talent management. MARGA offers individual solutions for personnel development.

The development needs at different career levels are decisive. This results in target groups for which MARGA focuses on various topics in the management game. MARGA develops individual programs in the formats online, face-to-face or combined as a blended learning solution – your advantage: maximum flexibility, adapted to your needs.

Your benefits with MARGA

  • Sustainable

    Participants experience complex and abstract management topics in a tangible way and apply the knowledge they have learned directly and playfully in concrete decision-making situations.

  • Holistic

    Participants learn about the interaction of all functional areas in the overall corporate context. As a team, they are in direct competition with other teams.

  • Dynamic market

    The MARGA business game offers a complex and realistic learning environment that reflects current political and economic events. Participants try out the practical case without any real risk.

  • Individual

    We work exclusively with our own experienced and highly qualified trainers, who provide you with reliable support in terms of both content and organization.

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Our topics

MARGA business games always depict an entire company. Depending on the strategic orientation of your in-company training, you can focus on specific topics. All topics can be flexibly adapted to your needs and integrated into existing programs.

  • General Management

    In our classic general management business game, participants take an overall entrepreneurial perspective. They look at all functional areas of a company (marketing, production and service provision, finance) and learn how they interact.

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  • Finance & Controlling

    Participants approach from a controlling perspective and learn about the fundamental relationships in accounting. They work with the figures in the annual financial statements from an overall business context and get to know the drivers of all important key figures.

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  • Strategic Management

    Participants experience strategic management in time lapse! They develop competitive strategies for their business units and implement them operationally. Overall, they realign the Group’s portfolio. They negotiate company values with competitors in M&A projects and at the same time manage the financing of the company as a whole.

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  • Technology Management

    Participants align their range of products and services with the technology-driven environment. They position themselves in competition as ‘first movers’, ‘followers’ or ‘non-movers’ and learn about the opportunities and risks of these strategies from a business perspective.

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  • Team & Leadership

    Efficient teamwork forms the basis for a company’s success and is a key competence at all hierarchical levels. A qualified team coach observes and accompanies the group dynamic processes and works with the participants to develop their own understanding of their role as decision-makers.

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Target groups

Our business games are generally suitable for employees from all disciplines, with or without previous business knowledge: From young professionals to experts and high potentials to senior executives.

Based on our wealth of experience, we can recommend which formats and topics are particularly suitable for your target group.

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Customized business games

MARGA is not an off-the-shelf product. Together, we develop a concept that draws on proven program processes and can also be adapted to your individual needs.

Our aim is to address company-specific topics and special features of the industry in the program or to set content priorities. We offer standard adaptations and individual adaptations that go beyond this for in-house programs.

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This is what our
customers say

MARGA has been an established partner for many customers since 1971. Our partners use MARGA successfully in various target groups across all industries.

Photo of participant of the MARGA final

MARGA offers the rare possibility to learn from expensive mistakes at a convenient price.

Axel Delker Finalist MARGA Online Competition, REWE Zentral AG
Profile picture of a MARGA customer

MARGA is an integral part of our Junior Manager Program – our trainee program for executive talents. MARGA makes entrepreneurial thinking tangible without real risks. The high dedication of our trainees has paid off once more: they are in the live final today.

Ruth Ziegler Human Resources, Robert Bosch GmbH
Profile photo of a former participant in the MARGA simulation game

It was a professional pleasure having participated in MARGA! Not only because of the managerial knowledge I have refreshed and put into practice, but also because of the colleagues I had the opportunity to team up with. Apart from that, recognition must be given to the MARGA support team’s members, who were always happy to help out each and every team in the competition.

Priscila Pedrón Luzón Participant MARGA Online Competition DB Cargo
Profile picture of a MARGA customer

The seminar conveyed the functionality of a company and especially the fundamentals of accounting in a comprehensive  and practical manner and thus made an important contribution to the new training program of our management trainees.

André M. Steeg Senior Executive Manager, Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG
Portrait photo of a blonde woman

One team, six people on four different continents and one decision to make – it is just great which possibilities we have today.

Anna-Lena Schulz Finalist MARGA Online Competition, Volkswagen AG
Profile picture of a MARGA customer

Where else can high potentials and young professionals practice to act as real entrepreneurs? We play MARGA with mixed teams in which we combine current with former trainees. Like this we achieve interdisciplinary and self organized groups. It’s amazing how much our teams learned about strategy, business management and market development in such a short time. They will certainly benefit from this experience during their day-to-day business. Above all, they both learned and laughed a lot – what a great combination.

Florian Conradi Program Manager Trainees EnBW
A MARGA customer looks into the camera

In addition to professional training, the MARGA Online Competition gives us the opportunity to promote virtual teamwork between our international locations in a targeted manner. Through high self-motivation and efficient teamwork, this year our two teams have reached the finals – we are thrilled!

Claudia Funke Team lead Human Resources, People & Culture, Develey Senf & Feinkost
Profile picture of a MARGA customer

Through the MARGA Business Simulation, I understood the connection between marketing, production and finance and how the decisions in each area affect the value of the company. Great Management Training – The online game was a lot of fun especially thanks to the competent and dedicated MARGA coaches. I would recommend the training to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in business management and financial ratios.

Dr. Tilmann Fahlbusch Operations EMEA Tolling Manager, Clariant
profile picture of MARGA customer

Business studies are a substantial supplement for the overall skills of our young professionals. The conveyance of know how by means of a gaming environment is particularly attractive. Our experience shows us that both studies and a competitive environment are a good combination. After the fourth year of participating at the MARGA Online Competition, this year one of our Vinnolit teams came in first – what a great performance!

Dr. Thomas Karcher Operations Director, Vinnolit GmbH & Co.KG
Photo of MARGA customer

20 Years ago I, myself participated in the MARGA Competition and today I understand why our team was not able to qualify for the next round – that is what I call sustainable learning. Today our OBI trainees participate in the MARGA Online Competition.

Holger Jöhnk Head of HR Headquarters, OBI Group Holding

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