MARGA Toolbox

The MARGA Toolbox is a flexible modular system which offers the management simulation participants additional knowledge and support in different formats.


  Online Planspiel Kompakt Seminar Blended Learning Inhouse Planspiele
Board Game Seminar Zubuchbar Zubuchbar Zubuchbar Zubuchbar
Financial Basics (Seminar) Zubuchbar Zubuchbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Online Course Verfügbar Zubuchbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Tutoring Verfügbar Verfügbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Web conferences Zubuchbar Nicht verfügbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Webinars Verfügbar Nicht verfügbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Tutorial notes Verfügbar Verfügbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar
Short courses Zubuchbar Nicht verfügbar Verfügbar Zubuchbar

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Janine Hirschfeld

Board Game Seminar

Our haptic board game conveys the basics of accounting in a playful manner.

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Managerial Basics

After this classic two-day in-class seminar management knowledge becomes a practical tool.

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We actively support the teams, guide them, give suggestions and finally also demand perfor-mance.

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Online Course

Our online course "Financial Basics" teaches the basics of business finance and managerial accounting. The online training with personal tutoring can be booked in combination with the simulation or independently.

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Web conferencing system

As an option, we can provide the teams with an integrated web conference tool for the online phase.

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Tutorial notes

Our tutorial notes explain the fundamental and current management topics and illustrate them in an easily understandable way using the MARGA company as an example.

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In the webinars, we explain via web conferencing management topics that the participants encounter in the business simulation.

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Short courses

Customised short class courses can also be incorporated in the Online Competition.

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