MARGA Management Training - Online business game seminar

MARGA Management Training: online business game seminar

Train management know-how and business skills in four weeks

We offer the "MARGA Management Training" as an open e-learning program based on a business simulation. The participants train comprehensive management know-how and learn to think and act in a entrepreneurial manner.

Within four succinct weeks, the program offers a sophisticated combination of webinars as well as individual learning and virtual teamwork. Experienced MARGA trainers support the participants during their self-directed teamwork.

Next dates

 April 09 - May 07, 2024

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Learning by Doing

Within teams the participants steer their own virtual company with all its diverse divisions and functions through a dynamic competition which is close to reality. They develop competitive strategies and make decisions in the fiel of marketing, production, human resources and finance over several game periods. 

The goal is to increase the the company value. An efficent conrtolling secures transparency and provides detailed information for the next business game periods. The participants experience the effects of their decisions at first hand and develop a feeling for economic interrelationships. MARGA tutors support the participants intensively throughout the program on questions of content and organization.

"Through the MARGA Business Simulation, I understood the connection between marketing, production and finance and how the decisions in each area affect the value of the company. Great Management Training - The online game was a lot of fun especially thanks to the competent and dedicated MARGA coaches. I would recommend the training to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in business management and financial ratios."

Dr. Tilmann Fahlbusch, Operations EMEA Tolling Manager, Clariant Produkte Deutschland GmbH

Learning contents

All participants:

  • make real entrepreneurial decisions
  • implement strategic decisions in operational procedures
  • get to know the cooperation between all functional areas in the entire interrelationship of the business
  • manage company procedures and see them presented in the accounting system
  • align their own range of products and services to the requirements of the customer
  • learn how to use information from controlling for well-founded decision making
  • transfer the principles of value-orientated management into specific actions
  • organize themselves as a team and enter the competition against other teams

MARGA awakens an entrepreneurial spirit and makes management contents a memorable and exciting experience.


Dr. Sandra Wagner

Dr. Sandra Wagner

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The program at a glance

Target Group: young professionals, experts and managers with and without managerial background

Language: English & German

Format: e-learning program based on a business game

Next start date: April 09, 2024

Registration deadline: March 09, 2024

Effort: approx. seven hours per week, high flexibility in planning

Duration: four weeks

Price: 2,240 € per person; every fifth person of one company participates free of charge

Learning target: Development of management know-how, business administration skills & business decision-making skills & teamwork

Tutoring: content-related tutoring and subject-related learning videos and Q&A sessions by experienced experts with a background in business studies

Online Course "Financial Basics": included in the program as a theoretical foundation for internal and external accounting

MARGA - the market game

MARGA - the market game

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In an half-hour online warm-up the participants receive initial basic information and an introduction to the "Online Course Financial Basics" about two weeks before the start of the program.  

Over a period of four weeks, learning videos on subject-related topics related to the content in the simulation are available to the participants. In addition, they take part in Q&A sessions conducted by experienced MARGA experts at set times on Tuesdays. These are recorded and can also be accessed at a later date.

Between these modules, the participants work together in virtual teamwork and make decisions for their business simulation company by the next submission deadline. A web-based final with a transfer workshop, comprehensive feedback and an award ceremony rounds off the program.

The MARGA Online Training is a great example of learning by doing. Through this program, we have learnt the importance of strategic thinking in business. MARGA provided us the chance to simulate how different approaches can influence the success of business

Participating team of Heraeus

Benefits of the online format

  • Location independence: No travel time 
  • High time independence: Flexibility through asynchronous learning
  • On the job training: little downtime at the workplace
  • Unrestricted tutoring: Our MARGA experts provide support at any time during the self-directed online phases for content-related and organizational questions
  • Sustainable learning effect: Application of what has been learned over several weeks

The MARGA Management Training - Further formats

We offer the MARGA Management Training in different formats. In additon to the online business game you can choose the following programs:


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