The business game MARGA

In the MARGA business simulation the participants run their own company with all business areas as a team. Thereby they compete with other virtual companies.

The challenge of the business simulation is to develop a corporate strategy and to implement this in operative decisions for the areas marketing, production and finance. The business simulation MARGA not only shows the own company but also covers a complex market environment which forces the teams to continuously adapt to the changing economic and political conditions. Period by period the participants make their own management decisions and immediately experience their consequences. Thus the business simulation MARGA provides a long lasting learning success.

Use of the business simulation

The business simulation is used within talent management and change management programs by both national and international companies and universities. The target groups are young professionals and trainees, experts and managers as well as executives.

According to your strategic orientation of your training course you can define a focus on one of the following topics: General Management, Financial Basics, Financial Management, Service Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Team & Leadership, Strategy Execution as well as Business Transformation.

We will implement this focus within the business simulation itself as well as within additional offers as in-class key speeches or webinars.

Business Simulations within Talent Management
Business Simulations within Change Management


✔ Knowledge transfer with fun factor

✔ Learning by Doing in the business game

✔ Ambition and motivation due to competitive situation

✔ Individual Tutoring

✔ Overall Perspective of a Company

✔ Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

✔ Business decision-making skills

✔ Strengthening team skills and team spirit

Formats of the business simulation
Our open programs

MARGA Online Competition: Training on the job, teams participate in the business simulation  from their place of work via the internet. This means they enter into an exciting competition with other companies - until the live final, to which only the best four teams are invited.

MARGA Management Training - Online: Four-week management training that can be carried out optimally on the job with a time commitment of approx. 7 hours per week.

MARGA Management Training - In-Class: Three day in-class seminar, in which the participants alternate between in-class key speeches and the practical team work in the business simulation.

MARGA Management Training -  Blended Learning: Mix of in-class modules with key speeches and virtual team work in the online business simulation.

MARGA for Students: Dynamic and realistic Online Business Simulation Competition, in which students from all over the world compete against each other over a period of 2 months.

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