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Strategic Management

The MARGA Business Simulation offers a complex and realistic learning enviroment. The participants experience Strategic Management in time lapse!

Participants of the Business Simulation “Strategic Management” manage a diversified holding. They make decisions at corporate level as well as decisions on business unit level.

Within a team, the participants develop the corporate strategy for a holding with seven business units and convert these operationally. In the systematic process of strategic management, they experience all phases, from target planning to strategic analysis, strategy development and implementation.

The focus is on the long-term positioning of the company in the market. At holding level, growth or shrinkage strategies can be realized as part of portfolio management, both organically and through the acquisition or sale of entire business units. At business unit level, diversified competitive strategies are developed and implemented.

The company's success is measured by a “Balanced Score Card” with various key figures.

  • Learning contents

    The participants

    • align the company to long-term success.
    • develop corporate and competitive strategies.
    • manage the holding with the help of portfolio management.
    • make decisions concerning investment and finance on the holding level.
    • negotiate acquisitions and sales of entire business units (Mergers & Acquisitions,
      M & A).
    • operationally implement strategies in all business units.
    • are responsible for investment controlling.

  • Benefits of the business simulation

    Realistic market environment
    A realistic and dynamic corporate environment reflects current political and economic events, which repeatedly presents new challenges to the teams.

    The team with the highest weighted score wins the competition. The identification with their own company and the direct competition between the teams arouses emotions and enthusiasm.

    The 'learning by doing' method and the repeated application of what has been learned promote the practice transfer into their own work area and result in a sustainable learning effect.

    The participants train their teamwork skills and make all decisions jointly. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process in the team is therefore a critical success factor.

    Personal tutoring
    MARGA stands for a particularly intensive tutoring. During the self-directed online phases, the tutors also support all participants in content, organizational and technical matters.

  • Target groups

    Executives (e.g. executives from Controlling or Strategic Management, Board Managers)

    • Experience strategic management in time lapse
    • Align management decisions to corpoarte target systems
    • Make concrete entrepreneurial decisions and immediately experience their long-term consequences

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The business simulation MARGA Strategy has been a unique opportunity for me, as a new managing director with a technical background, to learn the coherences of strategic decisions and economic key figures in a practical way. The fact that our team has won gave me additional self-confidence..

Dr. Tanja Lindermeier-Kuhnke, Geschäftsführerin GuS Glass + Safety

Our inhouse programs

We offer the Business Simulation "Strategic Management" as inhouse in-class seminar. The minimum number of participants is twelve. In doing so, we focus on your target groups and your organizational framework.

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

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