Business Transformation

With regard to Business Transformation, MARGA offers two different scenarios in the areas of sales and product innovation. These change processes can open up new business opportunities within the simulation as well as in reality. With a Business Transformation Simulation the participants encounter changes in the digital age and social trends. Innovative strategies must be developed, optimized and implemented directly in the company. MARGA provides all the necessary tools for the complex business transformations of the virtual company in order to ensure the greatest possible learning effect.

Target group:

Experts, such as project managers or specialists of the middle management are in the focus of our business simulations targeted on change management. Here strategic decisions on the overall business direction are  necessary and have to be implemented accordingly. In such cases, it is indispensable for the middle management to stand in for and support these company decisions both internally and externally. As a matter of fact, the general understanding of a company as a whole is a clear precondition for this challenging task.   

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Business Transformation with focus on product

Well-established business models are nowadays underlying fundamental and quick changes. New markets come from close to scratch, and in turn entire business lines vanish due to mega trends such as i.e. digitalization.

The ‘Business Transformation’ simulation picks up such disruptive changes and  makes them tangible from an entrepreneurial point of view in matters of a company as a whole. It  catapults the participants into a situation in which they are urged to make decisions caused by the  pressure of change. A decline in sales and prots comes in line with an increased capital demand for future investments. The active implementation of this business transformation within the simulation, enhances an overall comprehension and ensures a sustainable knowledge of the change process. 

Business Transformation with focus on sales

In this scenario the branch distribution is in a major crisis. The customers´ behavior is volatile and the revenues are decreasing. Many customers want to shop in a more comfortable manner and therefore prefer the online distribution channels. However, not all customers react in the same way. Some still prefer the personal service off ered at the branch office. By a clever analysis of customers and market structures participants anticipate the consumer behavior of their target groups and identify chances and risks.

Here the participants are challenged to newly position their current business model. Thereby they experience how their actual company can face current infl uences and the rapid change of conditions.

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