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Classic in-class seminar
“Financial Basics”

Learn the basics of business economics within two intensive days!

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finance & controlling

What relevance does a balance sheet, a profit and loss calculation or a cash flow have and why is that of any interest?

Which controlling figures are necessary to take correct and sound corporate decisions?

At this “Financial Management” in-class seminar we convey both classical and modern methods of company management. With regard to contents, the focus here is on the financial and accounting instruments such as: Annual financial statements including balance sheet and profit and loss calculation, year-end analysis, liquidity analysis, cash flow analysis, capital budgeting, full cost accounting with its methods of calculation, direct costing with contribution margins and overhead rates, i.a.

Perceiving managerial coherences:

Which targets do companies aim at and by which key performance figures are they evaluated and controlled? How do companies measure the economic success and why is it always all about rates of return? The methods and instruments of management are always integrated into the managerial overall context.

This primary means the managerial coherences and rules, complex organizations are directed to, especially value-based management. Rates of return and capital costs, key performance indicators as well as cost management and working captal management are directed to value-based management.

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Target group

Our “Financial Basics” seminar is ideal for engineers, technicians and scientists. These specialists and managers usually do not have a business background, but are taking on more and more entrepreneurial responsibility for their projects or departments. In our seminar, they can learn and deepen their knowledge of the basics of business administration.

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