These are the finalists of the MARGA Online Competition

Yesterday was the deadline for the last decisions of qualification round II for the teams of the current Online Competition. Now we know, which four simulation companies have held their own best in the competition and have reached the final round.

We proudly present the finalists and are looking forward for an exciting Live Final on April 23rd:


Team 26, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

Team 6, Micronas GmbH

Team 11, Robert Bosch GmbH

Claudia Funke, Human Resources & Legal, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

‘The MARGA Online Competition is a great possibility for us to convey business management knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking to our trainees and young professionals. For us it is first and foremost a question of learning rather than winning. Our team members, predominantly consisting of chemist and chemistry engineers without previous managerial knowledge, entered the competition highly motivated. Spurred on by their own learning progress and by the dynamics of the overall competition our team hit the ground running. Needless to say that we are thrilled by the success of our participants and we all cross our fingers for them for this year’s MARGA Live Final! The MARGA management training is particularly supported by our company management, as some of them have experienced MARGA themselves in the past and are now excited about the performance of their staff.’

We really approve that not exclusively the "Big Players" have taken the lead of this year´s competition. This shows, that a well-known name and a long MARGA history do not necessarily guarantee success in the Online Competition. Surely all participants have learned a lot, the big ones additionally have learned to not underestimating the small ones ;-)

We all cross our fingers for all four finalists and are looking forward to welcome them at Schloss Gracht to the MARGA Live Final on April 23rd!

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