How do I make my trainee program particularly attractive?

How do I make my trainee program particularly attractive?

"War for talents" and “employer branding "are outstanding challenges for human resources departments today. With the development of trainee programs, companies are primarily aiming to appear on the job market as an attractive employer and to meet the demand for future managers.

Trainee programs should ensure a systematic career entry for graduates. But how can a trainee program be made particularly attractive?

Basically, a trainee program should be a balanced mix of day-to-day business and project work. Participants should have the opportunity to get as many insights into the different areas of the company as possible and to find out their personal strengths. After all, today's trainees are to become tomorrow's junior executives!

In order to optimally combine professional and methodical competencies as well as personal and social competencies and at the same time to motivate the trainees during the entire duration of the program, we present here our Top 3 modules for trainee programs.

Top 3 modules for trainee programs

1. Job Rotation

In job rotation, employees perform different tasks in different departments in a given period. Before junior executives can become successful managers, they need to be well informed about the structure of the entire company.

Therefore, job rotation is a popular personnel development tool, especially in the hierarchical levels upstream of the management level. With this method, the employees get a better overview of processes and structures in the respective organization. Companies with several locations often also integrate a relocation or stay abroad into the trainee program. This allows participants to better understand the interrelationships within a company and better track their business goals. Furthermore, the social behavior of the employees is promoted by constantly having to fit in and prove themselves in a new team.

2 Project work

Especially within the scope of trainee programs, project work is becoming more and more important nowadays. Usually project work is an on the job measure that is intended to encourage trainees to take responsibility within small, initial projects and to think across departments. Among other things, the following points play a major role:

  • The duration of a project should be adapted to the respective topic, but in practice it takes between three and six months.
  • During the project not only the project client should be in constant contact with the trainee, but also the mentor should be supportive.
  • The objectives of the trainee should be defined as specific, measurable, relevant and scheduled.
  • Achievement of goals after completion of the project can be discussed and evaluated with the trainee.

3. Business Simulation

The participation in a business simulation builds a bridge between the theoretical knowledge and the implementation in the professional life. In this on the job training, the participants deepen their management knowledge and experience the consequences of their business decisions in a realistic environment within a team.

Especially an online business simulation can be well integrated into a trainee program and offers young professionals a challenging practical exercise to get general management know-how. In line with the structure of the trainee program, the participants get to know the different business areas of a company and their interrelations. Focusing on the company's success, the participants are required to develop their own initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

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