MARGA Business Simulations

The MARGA business simulations convey economic and managerial coherences and makes entrepreneurship tangible. As board members the teams take up the leadership of their own virtual company within an exciting competition which is close to reality. They develop strategies and transfer these into corporate decisions. Thus they acquire management know-how in a highly practical and sustainable manner.

MARGA video clip (1:55`)

MARGA video clip (1:55`)

FAQ: Typical questions concerning the Online Competition

FAQ: Typical questions concerning the Online Competition

Registration process, prices, team constellation, learning contents, schedule, to dos for HR, etc: Here you will find typical questions of HR managers concerning the MARGA Online Competition and our precise answers.

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Early bird discount for MARGA Compact seminar

Early bird discount for MARGA Compact seminar

All participants who are registered for the Compact Seminar (May 11-13, 2020) until March 15, 2020 will get free access to the online course "Financial Basics" for individual preparation for the seminar.

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One team, six people on four different continents and one decision to make - it is just great which possibilities we have today.

Finalist Anna-Lena Schulz, Volkswagen AG


Companies have to concentrate on those, who run the extra mile. Otherwise there will be standstill. And our teams ran this extra mile by participating in MARGA

Maciej Brzoskowski, General Manager E.ON Anlagenservice GmbH.


MARGA offers the rare possibility to learn from expensive mistakes at a convenient price.

Finalist Axel Delker, REWE Zentral AG


20 Years ago I have participated in the MARGA Competition and I still know why my team was not able to qualify for the next round - that is what I call sustainable learning. Today our OBI trainees participate in the MARGA Online Competition.

Holger Jöhnk, Head of HR Headquarters, OBI Group Holding, and former MARGA participant

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