How to make finacne & controlling tangible

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How to promote financial decision-making competence within the company

New technologies are changing entire markets, product life cycles are becoming shorter. A company must be flexible in order to be economically successful. In addition, many industries are currently facing unforeseen challenges due to exceptional political and economic situations. This means that the demands on employees are changing. Only with well-trained employees a company is able to successfully get through times of crisis. If they are able to act agilely and flexibly, the company can make quick adjustments and course corrections.

Employees can only make competent decisions in the interests of the company if they understand the overall corporate context and have an eye for the big picture. This must be strengthened. Especially "non-financials" often do not have the business know-how to take a holistic perspective when making decisions. It is therefore important for them to be aware of the financial interrelationships within the company.

How can learners internalize abstract topics such as finance and controlling and include them in daily decisions? A textbook or a classic business seminar can convey the theoretical basics. However, a deeper understanding of financial interrelationships only develops if employees also apply the knowledge and practice it in a dynamic learning environment. Similar to a flight simulator for pilots, business games create a complex training environment.

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Making finance & controlling tangible

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