Customized simulations

MARGA is not an off-the-shelf product. In a joint dialogue, we develop a concept that makes use of proven program itineraries and can furthermore be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

Standard adaptions:

Already in the run-up to our proven program sequences, the coaches coordinate individually with the contact persons of the customer company. The target is to address company-specific topics and special features of the industry in the program, or to set priorities in terms of content. For this we pick up learning content from the business simulation and establish a concrete relationship with the respective customer company. For example, we jointly analyze the annual financial statements of the client company.

These standard adjustments are part of our in-house programs and included in the price.

Individual adaptions

If you would like to make adjustments in the simulation that go beyond these standard adaptations, we are pleased to offer you the customized development of a business simulation.

We can customize our business simulation to your individual needs.

Individualization - Your options:

  • Company-specific scenario
  • Industry-specific market environment
  • Individual key indicator systems

Inouse Business Simulations: explained in 2 minutes

Inhouse Business Simulation: short and simple

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