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MARGA for Students
Online Business Game Competition for students

The General Management Business Simulation during for universities & business schools

MARGA for students is an open Online Business Simulation Competition: Each team is in direct competition with teams of other degree programs and universities.

  • Teams with up to six students from different universities and degree programs are in direct competition with their virtual companies in a market-based competition.
  • Within seven periods, students have to develop and produce products, as well as position and sell them on the market. The team which has created the highest company value is the winnner of the competition.

  • MARGA for students runs completely online.

Learning objectives

Students steer their own virtual company and put their managerial knowledge and skills into practice.

  • Deepen and apply managerial topics
  • Align all company divisions and functions
  • Make substantial corporate decisions and discover the role of managers
  • Develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Discover Management is team work

MARGA makes management tangible!

"What we enjoyed most about MARGA was the unique opportunity to put our knowledge about management to the test without taking real risks. To understand the impact of decisions on different figures and economic interrelations was the foundation to react flexible and preciously on changing market conditions. This knowledge in fact will be a valuable benefit for our ongoing bachelor program and occupation.In addition, the given competition and the incentive to reach a top 3 spot resulted in an enjoyable and exciting dynamic ride throughout the whole program. "

Nils Kohrn, participant of MARGA for Students summer semester 2021 - Westfälische Wilhelms-University of Münster from Germany

blog article "Summer edition MARGA for Students 2021"

Learning contents

From targets via corporate strategy to sustainable returns: Students manage the whole corporate process. Thus, MARGA offers a unique knowledge transfer to entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

  • Market and Competition

    • Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
    • Competitive strategies: Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus (Niche)
    • Portfolio Management: Cash cows, Dogs, Question marks, Stars

  • Production/Resource planning

    • Production planning and  capacity management
    • Investment planning
    • HR management
    • Procurement and logistics
    • Make-or-buy decisions

  • Finance

    • Internal and external financing, equity and debt financing
    • Management of receiveables and accounts payable

  • Controlling/Accounting

    • Value-based Management
    • Financial reports: Balance sheet, Income statement, Cashflow statement, Segment reporting
    • Cost accounting: Full costing, Direct costing
    • KPIs - Profitability, Liquidity, Financing, Asset structure
    • Foreign currency/Hedgingg

The Online Competition for Students at a glance

Participants: Students (first degree, i.e. bachelor and master degree) of business and economics, etc.

Next date: October 25 - December 16, 2022 )

Registration deadline winter semester: October 25, 2022

Total workload: approx. 45 hours (flexible planning)

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: 600 € per Team (up to six persons). New customers can register their first team free of charge

Language: German and English

Organization: MARGA offers a full-service package including organization and communication (no licence); the program runs completely online

Technology: Online access via standard browser (no additional software installation required)

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Benefits of MARGA

  • MARGA has been running a business simulation competition for companies in the form of distance learning since 1971
  • MARGA does not offer a license model, but a full-service package instead
  • Complete Implementation: The entire business simulation is both organizationally and technically carried out by MARGA experts. Additionally, our tutors also accompany in terms of content.
  • Real scenario: The MARGA business simulations use current scenarios which are closely related to real economic events and developments.
  • Intensive and personal tutoring for all participants via telephone hotline, e-mail and web-conference on two days of the week
  • Topic related live and Online Course "Financial Basics" for sustainable deepening of knowledge
  • The learning content can be questioned in a final oral or written exam. We will provide you with possible questions and answers.

Free Live-Webinar

In the live webinar our speakers Dr. Sandra Wagner introduces the MARGA Online Competition for students. In addition, the target groups, the procedure and the content of the competition will be communicated.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and non-binding.

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Our trial offer

The price for participation is 600 Euro plus VAT per team (up to six people).

New customers can register their first team free of charge.

Simply indicate that you are registering as a new customer in the "Further information" field when you fill out the registration sheet.

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What I particularly appreciate about 'MARGA for Students' is the comprehensive service. I divided my students into teams and registered them for the competition. From then on, MARGA did the technical set-up and handled communication with the participants. At the submission deadlines, I was always informed about the current content focus and the ranking of my teams. My students received exemplary support from MARGA and learned a lot from a different event format and the broader perspective outside the university.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Zimmermann, Dean of the Department of Economics, University of Bremen

Overview winter semester 2022/23

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