Team report about the business simulation program for Deutsche Telekom

Team report about the business simulation for
Deutsche Telekom

Team report of the LDP winning team

The MARGA business simulation was an optional part of the Leadership Development Program of Deutsche Telekom.  It’s an unique opportunity to work hand in hand with talented colleagues from all over the world and truly test your analytical and business leadership skills.

Our story begins in Budapest with the LDP kick-off ceremony. As in every game we started by reading the manual and were surprised by the complexity and opportunities offered by the business simulation. Our strategy was based on six factors:

  • Don’t hire people and buy machines only as replacement
  • Merchandise as much as possible
  • Try to destroy markets with low prices
  • High marketing and sales force expenditures
  • Moderate R&D spending
  • Very low bank and deposit reserves

Ultimately the goal was to weaken our competitors as much as possible, while generating a small but steady MARGA Value Added for our own company. During the test round this strategy worked without any doubt. We were the clear winner and so confident in our strategy that we decided to stick to it during the main round. [...]

Hasan, Michal, Anna & Advan (Istvan is missing in the picture)

About the business simulation program

For the fourth time the MARGA business simulation was part of the national 'Führungskräfteentwicklungsprogramm' (FEP) and the international Leadership Development Program (LDP) of Deutsche Telekom. All in all 159 participants participated as board teams in the business simulation competition.

Self-directed entrepreneurship. Comprehension and improvement of managerial operations in a playful manner. With an increasing fun and learning factor. One of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. A lifetime experience!

Johannes Falkenberg, participant FEP 2015, Deutsche Telekom

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