In-class seminar MARGA Compact excites participants

In-class seminar MARGA Compact excites participants

For a few months our colleague Janine Hirschfeld is a new member of our MARGA team. Her main responsibility at MARGA is the management of all our in-house seminars. To make herself familiar with the business simulation itself she took part in the in-class seminar MARGA Compact at the Schloss Gracht castle.

Janine´s report:

From May 4th to 6th the MARGA Compact seminar took place at the Schloss Gracht castle. In the simulation version Industry nine further participants and I ran our own MARGA companies and competed against each other.

Three days full of fun, dynamics and ambition - besides key note speeches regarding the topics 'Implementing strategies', 'Reading and understanding financial statements' as well as 'Increasing company value' the participants worked together as teams to make well-founded decisions for their MARGA companies. The business simulation ran over five periods plus one test period. During the test period we had the opportunity to get to know the MARGA software, to test the products concerning their sensitivities within the markets and to organize our team work. During the main round our business simulation teams were faced with additional challenges such as economic growth decreases, the resource lag during the vacation period and the accrual of new markets.   

Since our group consisted of participants from Belgium, England and Germany, the seminar language was English. Also the previous knowledge of all participants varied a lot, thus there was an interesting mix of different abilities. The participants came from controlling, quality management and HR management departments. 

The three day seminar finished with an award ceremony and the nomination of the team with the highest economic company value. Besides this target, the focus was the learning success which in the end was evaluated very well by all participants.

I have definitely profited personally by the participation in the MARGA Compact Seminar. On the one hand I was able to experience the dynamics which arises during such a seminar by myself at close range. On the other hand I am now able to identify myself with the business simulation offers of MARGA even more than before. The seminar provided the opportunity to use management tools by myself and thus I will also easily be able to support other participants of our business simulations.  

Janine Hirschfeld, Program Manager, MARGA Business Simulations

Janine Hirschfeld, Program Manager, MARGA Business Simulations

Combining lectures with practical transfer by simulation leads to a highly sustainable learning effect.

Manufacturing participant, Styrolution GmbH

Als ein Ingenieur mit Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt im Prozess- und Produktionsmanagement war es eine sehr gewinnbringende Veranstaltung. Da meine Vorkenntnisse bezüglich Betriebswirtschaft begrenzt sind, war die Kombination aus Seminar und Simulation ("Learning on the Job") sehr effizient. Die Gruppendynamik und die gemeinsamen Diskussionen haben viel Spass gemacht! Vielen Dank dafür.

Thorsten Schnabel, participant of the MARGA Compact Seminar

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