Managing change playfully: Business games as the key to successful change management

24. August 2023

Effective change management is a critical success factor. A suitable method for preparing employees for change and actively involving them is a business game.

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How business games help you to promote important soft skills in your company

10. May 2023

Not only technical expertise, but also soft skills can be trained. But what is the best way to promote these skills in the context of continuing education without neglecting the training of subject-specific competencies?

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What is a business game and why is it suitable for employee development?

01. April 2023

Learn what a busines game actually is and why it is suitable as learning method.

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Game-based Learning: How to increase your employees' motivation to learn

05. October 2022

Those who learn with motivation and enthusiasm increase their learning success. But how can a high motivation to learn be achieved?

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Online, in-class or blended learning: What is the right training format for me?

18. July 2022

The question for many companies is which training format is the right choice: should we return to predominantly face-to-face training, continue with online formats, or offer a mix of both?

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How do I make my trainee program particularly attractive?

12. January 2022

Trainees of today - managers of tomorrow! Here we present our top modules for successful trainee programs.

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Top 3 Online Formats for your Talent Management

09. January 2022

Learning online is becoming increasingly important. Here we present our current top 3 offers for your talent management.

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Gamification in adult education: How business games can help to increase motivation in the learning process

10. December 2021

Learn how gamification can lead to a much more effective learning process and can add a lot of value, especially in the context of online training where a higher level of self-discipline is required.

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The challenge of agility: Why a basic business management toolkit is important for middle management

12. October 2021

Middle management is increasingly playing a key role, as it is the decisive link between the overarching corporate strategy developed by top management and its operational implementation.

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Effective online learning

26. April 2021

Hier stellen wir die Kriterien für effektives Online Lernen von der Digitalforscherin Isa Jahnke vor. Lesen Sie hier, warum MARGA als Experte für digitales Lernen gilt.

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Online learning is not a stopgap solution, often even didactically more sustainable

09. September 2020

Already since 2002 we have been conducting purely online management trainings with the Business Simulation MARGA, and as our experience shows, web-based learning has many strengths, especially from a didactic point of view.

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Using the potentials of e-learning

12. March 2020

Especially in this turbulent time, online learning is becoming increasingly important. MARGA is the expert for distance learning since 1971.

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Compact Seminar provides managerial decision-making competences to engineers and scientists

29. January 2020

In our management seminar with business simulation, we enhance the decision-making competences of your experts and project managers.

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10 good reasons

12. November 2019

10 good reasons,why MARGA Business Simulations is the best partner for your talent management.

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Parents stay in Business with the MARGA Online Competition

04. July 2019

Commit your employees during parental leave: Parents stay in business! The MARGA Online Competition offers personnel development with maximum time and place independence.

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What would learning be without happiness?

14. February 2018

The German economic journal 'Handelsblatt' published tipps from the new book 'Edutainment - Besser, schneller, einfacher lernen im Unternehmen' from learning expert Albrecht Kresse.

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MARGA goes China: Business Simulation also available in Chinese now

15. November 2017

To support employer branding and management education in China, from now on we offer our business simulation MARGA also in Chinese.

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German magazine "managerSeminare" reports about the MARGA business simulation

17. May 2016

For the German article "Agil im Spiel" about business simulations for managers the author has interviewed our managing partner Dr. Christoph Heinen.

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