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Ines Stiller

Office Manager & Tutoring

Ines Stiller steht in einem Park

Ines Stiller

Ines Stiller works as Office Manager at MARGA and takes care of the preparatory accounting, invoicing and dispatch of invoices. She is also responsible for communication with service providers relating to the office and provides support in day-to-day business.

As a tutor, she also supports teams with content and organizational issues relating to the MARGA business game.

What makes MARGA special is…

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To be part of such a great product and team. MARGA is so complex, individual and wonderfully multi-layered that you would think there is a whole hall of people in the background, but in reality there are only a little more than a handful. And each of them makes working with and at MARGA so interesting and valuable for me.

Ines Stiller Office Manager & Tutoring


  • From May 2017 – January 2022 Ines Stiller worked as Office Assistant at Learnship Networks in Cologne.


  • Ines Stiller has been employed as Office Manager at MARGA Business Simulations since February 2022.


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