The MARGA Webinars offer the development of managerial knowledge and prepare the participants for the online competition.


We also offer webinars to all participants of the open MARGA Online Competition and of our other open programs as an additional free service. The webinars take place during the main round both in German and English language.

During the webinars we explain management topics the participants have to deal with in the business simulation. If they want to learn more about certain topics, they can participate in the web conference via the MARGA software. The topics and dates of the webinars are published in advance.

Topics are

  • Implementing strategies
  • Understanding corporate accounting
  • Working in teams

Ofcourse we can also integrate the webinars in your customized Talent Management or Change Management programs!

MARGA Online Competition
Nov 2021 - May 2022
Closing date: Oct 31, 2021

Online Competition

Tel.: +49 2235 406 364

Janine Hirschfeld

Very good presentation with new impluses for our team, thank you!

Participant of the Online Competition,
Webinar on "Understanding financial accounting"

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