MARGA in-class seminar at Veolia

MARGA in-class seminar at Veolia

Recently we were guests at our customer Veolia in Weißwasser (nice German city) again. It was already the fourth time that we made a customized business simulation in-class seminar for our inhouse customer Veolia.

The participants were young high potentials partly without prior management knowledge. They experienced a variation of in-class keynote talks and lectures in plenary and subsequent team work in our general management simulation.

What our HR contact Jan Meier says:

Jan Meier
Manager HR Development, Veolia

Jan Meier Manager HR Development, Veolia

"The MARGA business simulation is a fixed component of the Veolia Talent Program. As ‘temporary managers‘, our employees are given the possibility to try out and to further develop their ability of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Thereby they easily acquire essential knowledge on complex economic coherences and during the seminar it is also easy to point out the relations to the own company.
During the simulations you can always sense the rising team spirit amongst the participants. It quickly becomes clear that the overall business success is dependent on an efficient teamwork. And right from the beginning the motivation is high to succeed as a team! 
In short: Both the learning success and the fun are vast at the three-day Inhouse seminar. The MARGA business simulation fits perfectly into the corporate philosophy of our personnel development.

Insights in the inhouse seminar

The business simulation seminar at Veolia was also fun for the MARGA trainers again. The participants were nice, highly commited and thirsty for knowledge. Again some members of the simulation teams had no prior management knowledge and it was a pleasure to see how they experienced some moments of recognition by their participation in the MARGA business simulation. Now they realised how exciting the analysis of numbers can be!

We are pleased especially when MARGA is integrated as a fixed part of the development programs of our customers. Inspired participants satisfy the HR managers and that makes us happy :-)

Goodbye Weißwasser, we are looking forward to see you soon again!

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