Online Course „Financial Basics“ is an
integral part of the Online Competition

Starting with the competition 2020/2021, the newly developed MARGA Online Course "Financial Basics" will be an integral part of the program for all registered teams of the MARGA Online Competition and will be included in the price of € 3,160 per team (up to six members). Every fifth team of a company participates free of charge - of course, both in the business simulation and in the online course.

The integration results in a considerable benefit for the participants, because the online course comprehensively conveys basic business finance and managerial accounting. The course is divided into the following chapters:

Chapters and contents of the Online Course:

Online Course "Financial Basics"

The topics are directly related to the contents of the business simulation, so that the learnings are immediately translated into concrete decision situations. As an individual training with learning success control, it is recommended to process the online course during the test round of the competition parallel to the training within the business simulation. This results in an optimal preparation for the main round of the Online Competition.

About the MARGA Toolbox:

The MARGA Toolbox is a flexible modular system that enriches the contents of the business simulation with different learning modules. Coordinated with the many content-related facets of the simulated MARGA company, the Toolbox offers additional support and guidance. Many components are included in the price, further learning modules can be combined individually.

MARGA Toolbox

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