In the MARGA online competition, as in reality, know-how and team performance is the key to success.

MARGA Online Competition: The ideal General Management Training for Young Professionals

Business simulations are often used for personnel development as a professional training program to improve management skills.

In the MARGA Online Competition the participants are situated in a simulation to actively run a virtual company within a team. They develop competitive strategies and implement them in all corporate areas. 

Under realistic settings and in direct competition with other teams, they position their products and services on the market and manage operational processes. The participants make their own entrepreneurial decisions and directly experience their consequences.

In this way, participants gain insights into the interaction of the different areas of a company and learn management skills according to the principle of "learning by doing".

Global Competition

At the MARGA Online Competition the participants compete with other teams all over the world over a period of six months

Web-based & Self-directed

The teams can participate virtually and therefore work together across locations

Invitation to an Online Final

The four best teams will make it to the final and will experience an exciting online final with a festive award ceremony

Learning contents

As management training, the online competition offers a unique learning arrangement: the close linking of well-founded management knowledge with practical implementation in the simulation, work in the team and individual support creates an exceptionally sustainable learning environment.

The participants control the entire entrepreneurial process, from goal setting to corporate strategy to sustainable success. They are supported by MARGA experts who assist with individual tutoring, Q&A sessions, subject-related webinars and debriefing sessions.

This ensures a successful transfer of knowledge to entrepreneurial thinking and action.

  • Market & Competition

    • Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
    • Competitive strategies: Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus (Niche)
    • Portfolio Management: Cash cows, Dogs, Question marks, Stars

  • Production & Resource planning

    • Production planning and  capacity management
    • Investment planning
    • HR management
    • Procurement and logistics
    • Make-or-buy decisions

  • Finance

    • Internal and external financing, equity and debt financing
    • Management of receiveables and accounts payable

  • Controlling

    • Value-based Management
    • Financial reports: Balance sheet, Income statement, Cashflow statement, Segment reporting
    • Cost accounting: Full costing, Direct costing
    • KPIs - Profitability, Liquidity, Financing, Asset structure
    • Foreign currency/Hedging

  • Soft Skills

    • Organisation und Interaction in a team
    • Team ability
    • Self-organisation
    • Communication
    • Virtual Teamwork
    • Project management

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Why is the MARGA Online Competition an ideal way for personnel development?

✔ Enhancing of entrepreneurial spirit

✔ Overall perspective

✔ International teams

✔ Learning by doing

✔ Ambition due to competition

✔ Team spirit and team ability

✔ Individual tutoring

✔ High fun factor

The Online Competition at a glance

Participants: Especially Trainees, Young Professionals, Future Managers - each team consists of up to six persons.

When: The MARGA Online Competition starts each year in November. Next date November 2023 - May 2024

Closing date: October 31

Effort: Approx. two hours per week

Duration: Six months

Language: English & German

Price: 3,640 € per team; Every fifth team of one company participates free of charge. We also allow a 50 percent discount to universities in terms of the initial professional education.

Durchführung: MARGA offers a full-service package with full implementation and communication. Included are kick-offs, live webinars, debriefing sessions, learning videos, Q&Q sessions, unlimited tutoring and the Online Course "Financial Basics". You can find the exact time schedule here.

The Online Competition in 2 minutes

The Online Competition in 2 minutes

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The MARGA Toolbox is a flexible modular system that offers business game participants additional knowledge and support in various forms that can be
integrated into your program according to your wishes.

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MARGA has been established as a partner to many customers since 1971. Young professionals are taking part in the online business game competition for many years with great success across all industries and around the world:

"The MARGA Online Competition is an integral part of our Junior Manager Program - our trainee program for executive talents. MARGA makes entrepreneurial thinking tangible without real risks. "

Ruth Ziegler, Human Resources - Senior Executives and Talent Management: Junior Management Programs, Robert Bosch GmbH

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