In the MARGA online competition, as in reality, know-how and team performance is the key to success.

MARGA Online Competition: The ideal General Management Training for Young Professionals

Business simulations are often used for personnel development as a professional training program to improve management skills. Here the participants are situated in a simulation to actively run a virtual company within a team. They develop competitive strategies and implement them in all corporate areas. Thereby, the participants get deep insights in the coherences of a business and learn management skills according to the principle „Learning by Doing“.

What is the MARGA Online Competition?

In the global MARGA Online Competition, a joint initiative with ESMT Berlin and Handelsblatt Media Groupthe participants compete as a management team with other teams all over the world. Registering international teams is possible since the competition is web-based, self-directed and independent of location. The teams have to to position the products and services in the market and manage business processes in direct competition and under realistic conditions. The participants have to make their own managerial decisions while immediately experience the effects.

Global Competition

At the MARGA Online Competition the participants compete with other teams all over the world

Web-based & Self-directed

The teams can participate virtually and therefore work together across locations

Invitation to a Live Final

The four best teams will make it to the final and will experience an exciting in-class final with a festive award ceremony.

Why is the MARGA Online Competition an ideal way for personnel development?

✔ Learning by Doing

✔ Effective Training Method

✔ Sustainable Learning Success

✔ Overall Perspective of a Company

✔ Intercultural Teams

✔ Ambition due to competitive Situation

Due to the web-based business simulation, the competition offers a huge level of flexibility. The participation for the simulation is possible via login through a standard browser. The software represents a complex nd dynamic market environment which is close to reality. 

Due to the high level of interaction and participation the simulation is much fun for the participants and furthermore awakes the strive for more knowledge. Combined with the reiterating process of applying what the participants have learned in different simulation periods, a sustainable learning success will be achieved. The competition is conducive to motivation, suspense and dynamic during the learning process. Complex correlations become alive and can be felt on an emotional level. The best four teams will make it to a live final.

"The MARGA Online Competition is an integral part of our Junior Manager Program - our trainee program for executive talents. MARGA makes entrepreneurial thinking tangible without real risks. "

Ruth Ziegler, Human Resources - Senior Executives and Talent Management: Junior Management Programs, Robert Bosch GmbH

The Competition explained in 2 minutes

The Online Competition at a glance

Participants: Especially Trainees, Young Professionals, Future Managers - Each team consists of up to six persons.

When: The MARGA Online Competition starts each year in November.

Effort: Approx. two hours per week

Duration: Six months

Language: English & German

Price: 3,160 € per team; Every fifth team of one company participates free of charge.

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Testimonial statements

"The participation at the Online Competition was a great experience for all of us. (...) We cooperated for six months, laughed and learnt a lot and continually developed ourselves."

Read the full team report Team report of
team 23 of Robert Bosch GmbH

"MARGA conveys complex relationships in a company in a playful and risk-free way. It demands and promotes entrepreneurial creativity for a successful steering in a highly competitive market. Winning the Online Competition was the crowning glory of a long and varied journey –                          digital game based learning at its best."

Marcel Falk - participant of the winner team
2020/2021 - WAF Weiterbildungsakademie

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MARGA Online Competition
Nov 2021 - May 2022
Closing date: Oct 31, 2021

Prices offer
The price for the participation in the open MARGA Online Competition is 3,160 Euro plus VAT per team.

Every fifth team of a company participates free of charge.

We also allow a 50 percent discount to universities in terms of the initial professional education.

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Janine Hirschfeld
Tel.: +49 2235 406 364

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Online Competition News

Brand new factsheets

In our new factsheets you find all useful information about the Online Competition for either HR managers or potential participants.

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MARGA Certified Expert Label

The MARGA `Certified Expert’ label is provided by the MARGA Business Simulations to participants of the MARGA Online Competition.

Sequence of the Online Competition:

Test round: Warming up phase
The participants familiarize themselves with the contents and the MARGA learning environment and make their first test decisions. The target of the test round is not profitability but to find out the customer preferences. Thus the teams will be able to make target-oriented marketing decisions during the main round. Parallel to the training in the business simulation, the participants can process the Online Course "Financial Basics" as an individual training.

Main round: From now on every moment counts
Develop strategies and implement them in five periods, optimize your teamwork, correct analysis, and make decisions that promise success. During the main round we offer webinars to add a supplement to the simulation.

At the end of the main round there will be four finalist teams.

The live final: The goal is insight
From the four best teams the MARGA Champions will be ascertained. Three of the five final periods will be online as usual, the last two periods will take place at the festive live final. Competition, get-together, gala dinner, award ceremony.

The MARGA management team supports all participants with a comprehensive service. Among other things, this includes web conferences and debriefing sessions.

In addition to this, all teams have access to the MARGA Service Line during the whole competition.

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