MARGA business simulation within the Executive Transition Program of ESMT Berlin

The Executive Transition Program (ETP) consists of three non-consecutive weeks of study and has been designed for experienced functional managers transitioning to an increased level of general management responsibility. Advancing to the next level of leadership implies the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as much as fundamental changes in behaviors and attitudes. The ETP is an intense learning and development intervention, which will help new and future general managers to succeed at the next level and remain personally fulfilled.

The ETP provides an integrative understanding of key management functions, including the personal and organizational skills required to lead an enterprise and the broad strategic capabilities needed to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Combining residential modules with inter-modular activities, ETP offers an intense learning experience spread over nine months, providing executives with the necessary tools needed to master the transition from a functional role to general management.

MARGA business simulation within the ETP

The MARGA business simulation provides the practical transfer within the ETP. As a board team the participants take over the responsibility for their own virtual company - a global player. Hence they are in charge of the strategic corporate planning as well as for all operational company divisions: marketing, production, personnel, and finances. While finding themselves in direct competition against each other, along the way, the teams learn how to make common decisions and how to analyze the respective results. The ultimate objective is to increase the company value.

As a blended learning format MARGA enriches the program with online and in-class phases:

On three of the seven days of the first module at the 'Schloss Gracht' castle, the introduction to the General Management simulation takes place and the newly formed board teams lead their virtual company during a test period and two periods of the main round. The participants are intensively supported by experienced MARGA trainers. This in-class module is followed by an online phase: Between the first two modules, the teams continue controling their MARGA companies in virtual teamwork over two further periods and try to be on top of the competition.

In the second module in Berlin, the MARGA teams have the opportunity to lead their virtual company to success during the last two periods of the main round. Here are again the MARGA experts as coaches on site. At the final Shareholders´ Meeting all teams present their strategies and the MARGA trainers give a summary of the competition. The MARGA General Management training ends with an award ceremony for the winning team.

More about the ETP:
Key tops and benefits

Modul 1: Core managerial competencies:
Development of a solid understanding of the major functions (such as Operations, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT, Finance and Accounting)

Modul 2: General management perspectives
Appropriation of the necessary general management view in order to be able to successfully manage new developments or changes in the company

Modul 3: Integrative leadership in action
Understanding, developing and assuming the role of a responsible leader to work with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders

Quote of a participant about the MARGA part within the ETP:

First class! Allowing us to put into practice what we have learnt.

Alexandra Russell, Strategy, Policy & Sustainability, Sasol, Johannesburg, South Africa

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