Online Competition Final Spring

Congratulations to all teams who made it to the final!

In the Industry version of the Online Competition the Austrian Robert Bosch Team, VW, Continental and Hettich qualified for the MARGA Final. In MARGA Service the international Team of DB Schenker reached the top followed by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg as well as HanseWerk.

Even if the course of the competition seemed quite exciting to outsiders, at an early stage the Austrian Bosch team was already sure that they will make it to the MARGA Final and planned their trip to Erftstadt a few weeks ago. However, things still turned out to be exciting, as they could only push aside their major competitor (which by the way was also a team from Robert Bosch) within the last period. This is a good example for the fact that a long-term strategy can pay off. Whereas at the MARGA Service competition it was a clear matter: The team, who did not make at least one billion € cumulative MVA upto period 4, had almost no chance to make it to the final. For sure they are bound to become good managers :-)

The Live Final will be turbulent: Large companies versus small companies, engineers versus business economists, bankers and more, big teams versus small teams, international versus national teams - they are all part of the MARGA Online Competition and we are looking forward to meet the participants personally. After six months of intensive tutoring as well as many funny and inspirational phone calls, we are now happy to celebrate all finalists at this festive event, independet of who will win the final in the end. One thing is certain: They all learned a lot and only due to their high commitment and a lot of hard work they were able to leave their competitors behind. 

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