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Game-based learning as a recipe for success in management training

More flexibility, a good work-life balance, extensive development opportunities - the younger generations' demands on their jobs are changing.

Young professionals want employers who support them, give them development options and offer them a workplace where they can grow. These are demands that companies must meet today if they want to be perceived as an attractive employer. There are no qualified employees for more and more vacancies. A competition for talent is emerging. The challenge is not only to attract high potentials to the company, but also to hold them in the long term.

Developing employees and offering them prospects is central to this. Training opportunities not only make talented employees more satisfied, but also prepare them for their future tasks in the company. Promoting management skills is an important factor here.

However, talent management also faces challenges. The trend toward mobile working and home offices is making talent development more difficult. Further training takes place predominantly digitally, which limits the development opportunities. This makes it all the more important to teach your talents an abstract topic like management in a sustainable way, even online. With game-based learning in corporate management games, this is exactly what is possible.

Would you like to learn more about why business games should not be missing in your talent management? Then download our free whitepaper " Promoting talents & developing teams: Game-based learning as a recipe for success in management training".

Free Whitepaper: Promoting talents & developing teams

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