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Influence factors: Change management with MARGA

If the focus is on Change Management, we have the possibility to integrate many different influencing factors of change processes into the simulation. The teams themselves control the changes in the simulation. This shift in perspective encourages affected employees to actively get involved. Thus, the employees turn into the driving force of your changes.

Influence factors: Change management with MARGA
  • Surrounding conditions: New technologies, economic and political development
  • Competitive situation: New market participants, new markets, new products, price and cost pressure
  • Pressure to change from financial point of view
  • Time: Timing and coordination of measurements, time pressure by unexpected changes
  • Personalities and team: Personal treatment with changes and stress, impact on the team and the target, characteristic traits of the team members

MARGA Business Simulations - Management training for high potentials and executives

MARGA Business Simulations is a General Management training in which the participants manage all departments and functions of a simulated company in teams. This strategic simulation is suited to gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Participants get to know management skills and have to apply their knowledge within the game. Being a General Management business simulation, MARGA imparts interdisciplinary perspectives which enable participants to gain insights into all functional areas of a company: marketing, production, finance and controlling.

Besides the classic talent management it is possible to apply MARGA into the framework of change management to show changes and make them easily comprehensible. Not only to accept the changes but also to support them actively.

The approach of MARGA Business Simulations ensures a unique transfer of knowledge to thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial way.

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