Online Course Financial Basics as supplement to the MARGA business simulation

MARGA Online Course 'Financial Basics'

Individual training with personal tutoring

Our newly developed Online Course "Financial Basics" conveys basic business finance and managerial accounting. The online course is an individual training which does not require any prior business knowledge.

Here, you will experience interactive learning at the highest level: The learning content is communicated to the participant based on a continuous case study. Between the explanatory components, the online course "Financial Basics" includes active exercises with direct feedback to control the learning success. Thus, the online course provides content and connections from the internal and external accounting in an appealing and particularly sustainable way. During the application time, participants can make use of individual tutoring by experienced experts by telephone or e-mail.

After booking, the course is available for six months. The total processing time is about 4 hours. The participant can pause the course at any time.

After successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate for download.

Learning contents:

The Online Course "Financial Basics" consists of several consecutive parts:

  • Introduction
    The functions of managerial accounting and their importance to the company's success
  • Balance sheet - Income statement - Cash flow statement
    Structure and systematic as well as relevance for the company management and investors
  • Key figures
    Need for performace indicators as well as their application and analysis
  • Cost accounting
    Price calculation based on full and direct cost accounting, make-or-buy decisions
  • Value-based management
    Successful management taking into account the cost of capital
Sandra Wagner von MARGA

Direct line
Dr. Sandra Wagner
Tel.: +49 2235 406 354


  • English and German
  • Online training: Independent of time and place
  • Individual starting time, time of application: 6 months
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours
  • Intuitive and attractive design
  • Technically and in terms of content up to date
  • Interactive learning with success control
  • Tutoring by phone and e-mail
  • Certificate after successful completion of the course
  • Booking also possible independent of the business simulation for the price of 95 € per person (incl. VAT)

Booking options:

The Online Course "Financial Basics" can be booked independently of the business simulation at the price of 95 Euro per person (including VAT). The application time is six months.

In addition, the online course can be combined very well with our business simulations. It is suitable either as a preparation or for intensifying knowledge for the MARGA Business Simulation or for the haptic MARGA Board Game. We are happy to develop a customized program according to your individual needs for your target group.

After the Online Course: Deepen your knowledge!

After successfully completing the Online Course "Financial Basics", you have gained the ideal basis for practically applying and intensifying your knowledge with the MARGA Business Simulations.

MARGA Business Simulations - Management training for high potentials and executives

MARGA Business Simulations is a General Management training in which the participants manage all departments and functions of a simulated company in teams. This strategic simulation is suited to gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Participants get to know management skills and have to apply their knowledge within the game. Being a General Management business simulation, MARGA imparts interdisciplinary perspectives which enable participants to gain insights into all functional areas of a company: marketing, production, finance and controlling.

Besides the classic talent management it is possible to apply MARGA into the framework of change management to show changes and make them easily comprehensible. Not only to accept the changes but also to support them actively.

The approach of MARGA Business Simulations ensures a unique transfer of knowledge to thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial way.

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