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A view of the big picture: General Management

Young academics are often well-trained specialists in their own field. Nevertheless, an overall understanding of business management is essential in order to make decisions for their respective division according to company strategy. The challenge for academics with managerial background is when making decisions to utilize this knowledge and to determine a strategy which is then operationally carried out in all company sectors.

MARGA is a General Management Simulation which is especially suited to gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. For this purpose the classic MARGA Industry version is the perfect start:  here all functional areas of a company (marketing, production, finances & controlling) are equally considered and their interrelationship is clearly illustrated.

Target groups

The simulation-based further training in the areas of General Management is fundamentally suitable for all target groups. However, there are differences concerning the formats:  the Online Competition is mainly appropriate for young professionals and trainees, whereas the Compact Seminar is more for specialists and senior managers. In both cases it is irrelevant whether the participants already have basic business knowledge or not. 


Online Competition

Participation in the open MARGA Online Competition is available in the versions: either MARGA Industry (the classic General Management Simulation) or MARGA Service (General Management Simulation focusing mainly on service marketing); additional option: webinars and in-class talks.

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General Management seminar: MARGA Compact

At the open MARGA Compact Seminar you have the choice between two versions: either the classic General Management Simulation MARGA Industry combined with keynote talks (such as: ‘Value-based Corporate Management’) or MARGA Strategy as a General Management Simulation focusing mainly on strategy (company strategy, portfolio management and competitive strategy).

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Blended Learning solution

At MARGA Blended Learning you take part in the classic General Management Simulation MARGA Industry. This is a combination of in-class and online phases. The decisions are made and submitted via the online platform, but beyond that the participants benefit from in-class seminars with relevant keynote talks and lectures at a two-day kick-off and a two-day final.

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Inhouse version

We will develop a customized program tailored particularly to your individual needs. You choose which format you would like to implement:  MARGA Industry, MARGA Service or MARGA Strategy either as Online-Competition, Seminar or as Blended Learning version.

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Convenient versions

MARGA Industry: Your challenge is to make all decisions in line with the chain of Economic Value Added. The correlations between the functional areas marketing, production and finances are thereby intensified.

MARGA Service: The main focus of MARGA Service is concentrated on both marketing and sales strategies. Additionally the management of resources and the overall financial planning is also considered.

MARGA Strategy: Here decisions both on a Holding level as well as for the individual Business Units have to be made. 

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MARGA Business Simulations - Management training for high potentials and executives

MARGA Business Simulations is a General Management training in which the participants manage all departments and functions of a simulated company in teams. This strategic simulation is suited to gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Participants get to know management skills and have to apply their knowledge within the game. Being a General Management business simulation, MARGA imparts interdisciplinary perspectives which enable participants to gain insights into all functional areas of a company: marketing, production, finance and controlling.

Besides the classic talent management it is possible to apply MARGA into the framework of change management to show changes and make them easily comprehensible. Not only to accept the changes but also to support them actively.

The approach of MARGA Business Simulations ensures a unique transfer of knowledge to thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial way.

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