Simulation scenario MARGA Business Transformation

Business Transformation in the MARGA business simulation

The challenge for the participants of MARGA Business Transformation is to transform a current business model into a new one. We developed this scenario especially for our well-known and successful business simulation MARGA Service.

In this management training the participants experience change processes hands-on and learn to implement transformation processes with academically secured methods.

Business Transformation - Your challenge

The branch distribution is in crisis. The customers´ behaviour is volatile and the revenues are decreasing. Your customers want to shop more comfortabe and prefer online distribution channels. However, not all customers react in the same way. By a clever analysis of the customers and market structures you anticipate the consumer behavior of your target groups and identify chances and risks.

Transform your company and learn how to bring your business to the road to success. Learn also how to face your real company with current challenges and fast changing competition conditions. Get familiar with new methods such as Design ThinkingLean Start Up and Business Model Canvas by participating in our webinars.

Target group and value proposition

MARGA Business Transformation is aimed to those who are supposed to develop and experience understanding for business transformation processes and active change management. Thus MARGA Business Transformation makes it possible to grasp change management by a simulated process. The participants are prepared for challenges within their own company. MARGA builds the bridge between theory and practical application: Within the business simulation the particpants are able to safely test management decisions under fast changing market conditions. These experiences prepare for the real imminent business transformation and minimizes the risk of expensive wrong decisions.

Integration in your HR programs

We are pleased to support you in integrating our business simulation into your consisting change programs. Please contact us.

Recommended literature

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MARGA Business Simulations - Management training for high potentials and executives

MARGA Business Simulations is a General Management training in which the participants manage all departments and functions of a simulated company in teams. This strategic simulation is suited to gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Participants get to know management skills and have to apply their knowledge within the game. Being a General Management business simulation, MARGA imparts interdisciplinary perspectives which enable participants to gain insights into all functional areas of a company: marketing, production, finance and controlling.

Besides the classic talent management it is possible to apply MARGA into the framework of change management to show changes and make them easily comprehensible. Not only to accept the changes but also to support them actively.

The approach of MARGA Business Simulations ensures a unique transfer of knowledge to thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial way.

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