The three day MARGA Managament Training Seminar offers well-founded learning and active implementation of management skills.

MARGA Management Training: in-class business game seminar

Experience our General Management simulation within a three-day in-class seminar

We offer the "MARGA Management Training" as an open in-class program based on a business simulation. The participants train comprehensive management know-how and learn to think and act in a entrepreneurial manner in three intense days. In the seminar, participants primarily gain an understanding of financial reports and learn to use information from controlling for well-founded decisions. In this way, they learn to look beyond their own horizons.

The program offers a sophisticated combination of lectures as well as individual learning and teamwork. Experienced MARGA trainers run several group sessions and support the participants during their self-directed teamwork.

Learning by Doing

Divided into small teams, the participants in the software-based MARGA business game take over the managment of a virtual global player. They are responsible for strategic planning and all operational areas of the company (marketing, sales, production, human resources, logistics, finance etc.). The participants make decisions as a team, analyze results and compete directly against other teams. 

Taking into account current political and economic factors they develop a competitive strategy. They then implement it in operational decisions in their virtual company. The ultimate goal is to increase the value of the company. The teams are intensively accompanied by competent MARGA trainers and supported by professional feedback. 

In alternation to the active business game periods, specialized lectures on business topics take place in the plenum:

  • Understanding controlling
  • Implementing strategies
  • Creating company value

Repeatedly, decision-making situations from the business game are taken up and illuminated in terms of content.

Well-founded learning, active implementation and taking responsibility for your own decisions as an entrepreneur in competition - this is what the sustainable MARGA Management Training offers you.

Learning contents

All teams:

  • make real entrepreneurial decisions
  • implement strategic decisions in operational procedures
  • get to know the cooperation between all functional areas in the entire interrelationship of the business
  • manage company procedures and see them presented in the accounting system
  • align their own range of products and services to the requirements of the customer
  • learn how to use information from controlling for well-founded decision making
  • transfer the principles of value-orientated management into specific actions
  • organize themselves as a team and enter the competition against other teams

MARGA awakens an entrepreneurial spirit and makes management contents a memorable and exciting experience.

The program at a glance

Target group: especially professionals and project managers without entrepreneurial background 

Format: in-class seminar with online busines game 

Language: German & English

Next starting date: December 06, 2022

Duration: three seminar days

Location: Cologne or Bonn

Price: 2,210 € per person; every fifth person of one company participates free of charge

Learning contents: management know-how, business administration skills, business decision-making skills & teamwork

Tutoring: content-related tutoring and subject-related lectures by experienced experts with a bachground in business studies

Online Course „Financial Basics“: included in the program as a theoretical foundation for internal and external accounting

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Seminar course

In an half-hour online warm-up the participants receive initial basic information and an introduction to the "Online Course Financial Basics" about two weeks before the start of the program.  

During three intensive seminar days motivational lectures on management knowledge are combined with the practical implementation of what is learned in the management simulation.

The simulation seminar offers the conveyance and consolidation as well as the testing and experiencing of business interrelationships in specific decision-making situations.

After several decision-making periods the MARGA general meeting with award ceremony and a transfer worshop take place. Here all teams present their strategies and get comprehensive feedback. 

MARGA Compact Seminar

December 07 - 09, 2022
in Cologne or Bonn

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The price for the open business game in-class seminar is 2,210 Euro plus VAT per person.
The price includes the participation fee and the seminar material as well as lunch and drinks during all seminar days.

Every fifth person of a company participates free of charge.

We offer special conditions for HR managers.

Your contact persons at MARGA

Dr. Sandra Wagner


Thank you for the great business game seminar! I especially wish to thank the trainer Christoph Heinen. He thoroughly lives and embodies the subject and manages to convey the overall contents in a very light-footed and vivid manner. This turned the simulation into a particularly captivating experience for me. In short: I was fascinated!

Christian Huber, Electrical Engineering Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

The main benefit of the in-class seminar is for me, that feedback can be implemented directly. This accelerates the learning process.

Dr. Susanne Janssen, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The most significant learning effect of the in-class business game seminar is actually not based on the best final result in the simulation. Instead it is the continuous mix of input in regard to contents and the then following transfer and utilization of the new knowledge in the course of the simulation. This results in a thorough reflection of one’s own failure and success.

Lisa Kortenbruck, Operations Academy Adient Ltd. & Co. KG

Benefits of the in-class format

  • close exchange with the trainers
  • direct and immediate feedback
  • high team and group dynamics through direct interaction
  • networking through direct contact with participants
  • active presence ensures greater focus by avoiding distractions and external disruptions.

MARGA Management Training - Further formats

We offer the MARGA Management Training in different formats. In additon to the in-class business game you can choose the following programs:

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