MARGA is a business simulation in which the participants experience management live. According to your strategic orientation of your training course you can define a focus on one of the following topics: General Management, Financial Basics, Financial Management, Service Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management as well as Team & Leadership.

We will implement this focus within the business simulation itself as well as within additional offers as in-class key speeches or webinars.

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In our classical General Management business simulation the participants gain an overall entrepreneurial perspective. Here all functional areas of a company (marketing, production and service provision, finance) are equally considered and their cross-function becomes clear.

Our formats on Financial Basics clearly and practically convey the basics of internal and external accounting. The participants intensively deal with financial statements as well as controlling and key figures. No prior economic knowledge is required.

Here the participants regard all company areas from a financial perspective: marketing, production, human resources and, in particular, finance and controlling. They learn about current management tools and deepen underlying business coherences. 

The participants experience Strategic Management in time lapse! The business simulation focuses on the long-term positioning of the company in the market. The teams manage a diversified holding. They make decisions at the holding level and at the business unit level.

Our service management business simulation addresses the peculiarities of service companies: As in reality, the focus is on the customer. Within a team, the participants align their company and service spectrum to different customer groups.

The participants of the business simulation "Technology Management" take an overall perspective. Within teams, their target is to align all company areas - marketing, production and finance - to the technology-driven envrionment.

Efficient teamwork is the basis for company success and a key competency on all hierarchical levels. MARGA supports you in this topic: Online especially for teams on different locations or during in-class seminars with experienced team coaches.

MARGA is not an off-the-shelf product. We can customize our business simulations to your individual needs.

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