Technology Management

Your industry is affected by technological change. Products and services are subject to constant development pressure in order to continuously sustain your position in the competitive market. At the same time cost pressure requires investment in the digitalization and automation of efficient operational processes.

The business simulation MARGA actively addresses many trade-offs and decision-making situations with the scenario Technology Management.

  • When is the right time to implement new technologies and to offer products based on them?
  • How is the company positioning itself? As ‘First Mover’, ‘Follower’ or ‘Non-Mover’?
  • Which economic impact do these decisions have?
  • How do liquidity and profit change, and are the costs of capital covered?

Technology management is gaining in importance against the background of more complex products and development processes as well as shorter product life cycles.

The participants of the business simulation take up an interdisciplinary perspective. In teams they are challenged to align all corporate divisions to the technology-driven environment. 

The overall target is to increase the company value measured by the Economic Value Added, EVA.

  • Learning contents

    The participants

    • get to know the chances and risks of ‚first mover‘, ‚follower‘ and ‚non-mover‘ strategies.
    • develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
    • use information from controlling for well-founded decisions.
    • get to know the managerial challenges of technology-driven companies.
    • finance large development investments.
    • align their product and service spectrum to the technology-driven environment.
    • move the drivers which increase the company value.
    • manage all closely interlinked company divisions and functions.

  • Benefits of the business simulation

    Realistic market environment
    A realistic and dynamic corporate environment reflects current political and economic events, which repeatedly presents new challenges to the teams.

    The team with the highest company value wins the competition. The identification with their own company and the direct competition between the teams arouses emotions and enthusiasm.

    The 'learning by doing' method and the repeated application of what has been learned promote the practice transfer into their own work area and result in a sustainable learning effect.

    The participants train their teamwork skills and make all decisions jointly. An efficient and targeted planning and decision-making process in the team is therefore a critical success factor.

    Personal Tutoring
    MARGA is characterized by a particularly intensive tutoring. During the self-directed online phases, the tutors also support all participants in content, organizational and technical matters.

  • Target groups

    Young Professionals (e.g. career entrants, trainees, junior managers)

    • Get to know the challenges of technology companies from a business management perspective
    • Learn more about the close integration of all company areas

    Experts (e.g. project managers, specialists)

    • Take own decisions as part of an overall corporate strategy
    • Know the managerial challenges within the technology sector

    High Potentials (e.g. high potentials, talents)

    • Align management decisions to overall company target systems
    • Develop and accept the own role as a decision maker

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Dr. Christoph Heinen

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With MARGA, we have found an on-the-job training that conveys economic and managerial coherences to our engineers in a particularly practical way. Our team is thrilled and I am convinced that I have chosen a sustainable training method.

Michaele Voigt, Senior HR Manager, Lumileds Germany GmbH

Our inhouse programs

The business simulation scenario "Technology Management" is developed for company-specific inhouse programs. We develop flexible programs in the formats in-class, online or blended learning. In doing so, we focus on your target groups and your organizational framework.

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

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