Team & Leadership

Participants of the MARGA business simulation manage a company with all its departments and functions. Within a team, they align their own product and service spectrum to the needs of different customers and markets. They are in direct competition with other teams and develop their own competitive strategies. Period by period, the teams implement these strategies in the areas of marketing, production and service provision as well as finances.

Efficient controlling ensures transparency and provides all the information that teams require to make operational decisions. The target is to increase the company value, as measured by the Economic Value Added, EVA.

If the focus is on "Team & Leadership", the participants are coached by experienced expert trainers.

Team Performance:
Development of team competence

Efficient teamwork is indispensable for a company's success and it is a key competence at all hierarchical levels. In the MARGA business simulation, the entire team takes on the responsibility for their own virtual company. The simulation drives the participants into operational decision-making situations, in which they have to find their individual roles within the team, while along the way leading the team as a whole to success. In line with the decision-making process, you can experience direct teamwork in a purposeful business context and beyond:

  • What roles are there and how are these roles distributed within the team?
  • How to compensate a lack of role skills?
  • What conflicts can this lead to and how do you deal with them professionally as a team?
  • How do you handle defeats in a team and how do you celebrate successes?

On request, our team coaches monitor the group dynamic processes within the teams as well as the behavior of their individual members. In the following conversation, they can give valuable tips as well as individual feedback. Particular plenary contributions of experts, round off the team development process within the simulation. They pull together the different team experiences and bring them into context in terms of the overall course of the simulation.

Leadership Development:
Development of leadership competence

The ability to recognize how a team "works", how conflicts are constructively addressed and how it can be motivated during all project phases, are basic competencies at all levels of management. In the simulation you acquire the necessary tools for this.

Running a long-term successful (MARGA) company requires different skills:

  • Ability to develop a strategic vision and implement an innovative strategy in a dynamic and competitive market environment.
  • Willingness to acquire an agile way of working, which is forward-looking, proactive and flexible at the same time.
  • Readiness for ambidexterity, i.e. to be efficient (to make the utmost out of the existing structures) and flexible (open to exploring new things) at the same time.
  • Openness to an efficient collaboration across functions and business areas is one of the key challenges – just as in reality.
  • Learning contents

    The participants

    • develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting
    • are confronted with realistic decision making situations within a complex business environment.
    • weigh up entrepreneurial risks and mae real decisions.
    • are under pressure to make decisions and have to take responsibility.
    • train their own roles as decision makers.
    • consciously work with different personalities and roles within their teams.
    • manage all closely interlinked company divisions and functions.
    • transfer strategic decisions into operative measures.
    • use financial information and make substantial decisions.
    • get to know the drivers that positively influence the value of the company.

  • Benefits of the business simulation

    Realistic market environment
    A realistic and dynamic corporate environment reflects current political and economic events, which repeatedly presents new challenges to the teams.

    The team with the highest company value wins the competition. The identification with their own company and the direct competition between the teams arouses emotions and enthusiasm.

    The 'learning by doing' method and the repeated application of what has been learned promote the practice transfer into their own work area and result in a sustainable learning effect.

    The management of a company requires a high degree of communication and organizational skills. The team members take responsibility and develop strategies together. An efficient planning and decision-making process thus becomes a critical success factor. The distribution of roles, constructive conflict management and dealing with success and defeat create valuable basic leadership skills.

    Personal Coaching
    Qualified and experienced coaches observe the ongoing team processes and provide feedback and valuable hints on team performance, personal behavior and individual development.

  • Target groups

    Young Professionals (e.g. career entrants, trainees, junior managers)

    • Eperience teamwork within a business context
    • Recognize personalities and roles within a team
    • Get to know team phases and master conflicts

    Experts (e.g. project managers, specialists)

    • Experience cross-functional teamwork
    • Recognize personalities and roles within a team
    • Get to know team phases and master conflicts

    High Potentials (e.g. high potentials, talents)

    • Develop and accept your own role as a decision maker
    • Take responsibility within your team

    Executives (e.g. managers, senior managers)

    • Resource teams
    • Recognize and moderate conflicts within a team
    • Strengthen the own leadership role

Your Contact at MARGA

Andreas Nill

Team development with business simulations

Overall the MARGA experience was a nice mixture of “non-stop” challenges, international team work and valuable learning from a near to “real life” business simulation. It was a great pleasure to work in a real international team not only because of different nationalities (Poland, The Netherlands, Romania and Russia) but also because of huge international working experience for each of us. We made it to the finals because of the team spirit!

Darja Dodonova, Financial Controlling Europe, LDP finalist

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We develop flexible programs focussing on "Team & Leadership" in the formats in-class or blended learning with online and in-class phases. In doing so, we focus on your target groups and your organizational framework.

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

Inhouse Business Simulation video: short and simple (1:32)

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