Find the right planning game version and format for your specific target group.

Target groups

Basically, the participants of our business simulations are employees of all company areas with and without managerial background: From Young Professionals, Experts and High Potentials to Senior Executives. Due to our wide experience we are able to give you recommendations for suitable formats and topics of our business simulation for your specific target groups.

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We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal consultation appointment. In a web session, MARGA Managing Partner Dr. Christoph Heinen will introduce you to the MARGA business game and give you an overview of what we offer. We will also be happy to advise you on a suitable program for your target group - free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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Dr. Christoph Heinen

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Young professionals and trainees are well-educated and start highly motivated in their professional life. The participation in a business simulation builds a bridge between the theoretical knowledge and the practical use in professional life.

The target group of experts and managers mostly consists of engineers and scientists. In the business simulation, they step out of the own functional area and become acquainted with cross-functional interrelations.

The MARGA business simulations supports the preparation for the next career step: In the business simulation, the participants focus on the corporate perspective. Within a team they experience to develop and implement corporate strategies.    

According to their corporate responsibility executives have to meet certain demands. Within the business simulation, they focus on the strategic orientation of the company and financial-economic targets.

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